Trump vs. Clinton

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline is a politically neutral, image-based, fully searchable legal and government document research database. It happens to be the largest such database, with more than 136 million pages, more than 120,000 titles, nearly 2,300 scholarly journals from inception to current which contain nearly 2 million articles and sections, comprehensive coverage of United States statutory documents, all United States treaties and an entire database of international treaties, all of the world's constitutions, a collection of more than 7,400 classic legal treatises, nearly 50,000 Congressional hearings, and more. All of this self-promotional information can be backed up with actual facts and tangible lists, found here. Due to the aforementioned political neutrality, the content of this post will not be inflammatory and is therefore suitable for work (SFW) and social gatherings.

As with most current and historical events and notable public figures, there is a wealth of information on both Presidential candidates in HeinOnline. A search for "Donald Trump" across all collections produces 2101 total results, with 765 results in the Law Journal Library, 751 hits in the U.S. Congressional Documents collection, a number of cases* at both the federal and state level, and more. Searching for "Hillary Clinton" produces a total of 7,257 results, with more than 3,000 hits in the Law Journal Library, more than 2,400 results in the U.S. Congressional Documents collection, and a number of federal and state cases*.

*Note that Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, so most of the cases in which she is mentioned refer to her in this capacity, not personally. Also, your results may differ based on your available HeinOnline collections.

A search for "Donald Trump"~3 in the article title field of the Law Journal Library produces two law journal articles and one reference from Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law:

A search for "Hillary Clinton"~3 in the article title field of the Law Journal Library produces 12 articles and two references from Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law:

Searching for "Donald Trump" AND haircut produces 7 results; replacing "Donald Trump" with "Hillary Clinton" in the same search query surprisingly produces 18 results, suggesting that the legal community cares more about Hillary's haircut than Donald's, although you'd have to dig deeper into the search results for more context. A proximity search for "Hillary Clinton shrill voice"~20 produces 2 results, both referencing the sexism and challenges female politicians often face. Clinton has authored these 21 journal articles in HeinOnline; Trump has authored none:

Speaking of females and leadership roles in society, HeinOnline's Women and the Law collection brings together books, biographies, and periodicals dedicated to the role of women in society and the law. Searching this collection for "Hillary Clinton" produces 117 results, and a search for "Donald Trump" renders 12 results.

This document from the Tax Foundation Archive Publications offers details and an analysis of Donald Trump's tax plan:

This document from the same collection highlights Hillary Clinton's tax proposals:

A search for both phrases "Hillary Clinton" AND "Donald Trump" produces more than 100 recent results, many pertaining to the upcoming election, including these 3 items from Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents.

Whether you support Trump, Clinton, a third-party candidate, or you plan to write Bernie Sanders or Santa Claus in as your choice this November, this is the most important thing to keep in mind:

Don't boo. Vote. -President Barack Obama

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