A Tale of Two Customer Suggestions

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has always been receptive to customer feedback—many of our best tools have resulted from users’ ideas. We offer multiple methods of feedback submission, including email, phone, live chat, a feedback form, and social media. Recently, we were able to implement two new features in our print/download tool, thanks to users’ suggestions.

PDFs Now Link Back to HeinOnline Documents

Recently, Twitter user @davidlnoll requested that we “add a clickable link in downloaded PDFs that takes you back to where the file came from in HeinOnline.” We contacted David on Twitter with a proposed solution, and the new feature became available with the August HeinOnline content release. The new link will be helpful to law review cite-checkers and anyone else who needs to quick return to the HeinOnline document from the downloaded PDF.

For example, download a PDF of any HeinOnline document using either the red PDF icon or the print/download options:

The cover page of the PDF now contains a link back to the HeinOnline document:

We are fairly certain we aren’t the only ones grateful for David’s thoughtful suggestion:

Printing Sections Just Got Easier

If you’ve ever attempted to print a custom page range from a HeinOnline document with multiple sections, you’ll definitely appreciate this new enhancement. A customer called in August and mentioned that it would be easier to select a page range if the sections were clearly defined within the print tool. For instance, let’s look at a current issue of the Harvard Law Review. Choose the print/download icon from the image toolbar:

Once this icon has been selected, choose the Print Custom Page Range tab from the print/download screen:

Choose your desired page range, and note that bold headings now clearly define each section:

Thank you to our users for these great suggestions that have helped us to improve HeinOnline. We encourage users to contact us with their ideas via their preferred method of communication!

For help searching and navigating in HeinOnline, contact our dedicated support team at (800) 277-6995, email us, or chat with us.

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