Monthly Catalog Of United States Government Publications, 1895-2004

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Benjamin Boron

The Hein Company has made it a mission to bridge the gap in legal history by providing comprehensive coverage from inception of as much material as possible. With the August content release, another title was completed back to inception: Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications. Coverage of this title includes 1895-2004.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications was established by the Printing Act of January 12, 1895. This publication was issued monthly by the Superintendent of Documents for the Government Printing Office, and cataloged all publications of the United States government, including those issued by Congress and all executive departments. (This publication excludes confidential or restricted documents.)

Monthly Catalog makes finding government documents a much easier task. This publication is organized by issuing agency, and provides a variety of indexes. Over time, the information in the entries and the indexes have changed, but there is usually at least an annual subject index within each volume. Author and title indexes are included with ranges of years, and a United States Congressional Serial Set Supplement was issued with separate subject, author, and title indexes for several years. Library of Congress card numbers or other identifiers are also included in the record, when relevant. The Serial Set Supplements were issued up to four years after the Congress which they index.

Monthly Catalog contains 355 volumes and more than 385,000 pages, which are all fully searchable via HeinOnline. Throughout the 109 years this publication was distributed, it has endured several title changes. All previous and current title information for this publication is listed below:

  • Catalogue of Publications Issued by the Government of the United States During the Month of ________: 1895
  • Catalogue of United States Public Documents: 1895-1907
  • Monthly Catalogue, United States Public Documents: 1907-1933
  • Monthly Catalog, United States Public Documents: 1933-1939
  • United States Government Publications Monthly Catalog: 1940-1950
  • Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications: 1951-2004

To access this publication from your HeinOnline Welcome Page, select the catalog tab and type "Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications." This publication is available in two collections—Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf and U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals. If you are subscribed to these collections, you may access Monthly Catalog from either collection, at no additional cost.


Users may search for keywords across all issues, locate documents by a specific author, or browse all publications chronologically by month and year.


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