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Shannon Furtak

In August of 2015, HeinOnline announced a major undertaking: chapter or act-level indexing would be added to all states' session laws. This enhancement was the result of customer feedback from a survey sent to more than 2,000 users: respondents indicated that additional indexing would greatly improve the Session Laws Library. As of last month's content release, all 50 states have this indexing applied to at least the past decade of session laws. All new material being added also contains this in-depth indexing.

The HeinOnline production team is now working on the next reverse-chronological 10-year period for all states. So far, the following states now have the past 20 years indexed to the chapter or act level:

States are indexed based on usage numbers, so those five states are the most frequently-accessed states in the Session Laws Library.

To see the new indexing in action, simply access your state. Let's look at Hawaii's 2015 session laws:

Note that each act is tagged in the table of contents. This improves both browsability and search result accuracy. Additionally, the Session Laws Quick Locator tool, found on the collection homepage, can be used to access specific acts. To find act number 243 from the 2015 Hawaii Session Laws, select Hawaii and enter 2015 and 243 in the boxes:

The tool instantly retrieves the exact page on which this act begins.

For those session laws which are not yet indexed to the chapter or act level, this tool will perform a text search for the chapter or act, so users can still quickly find the information needed.

If you have questions about this enhancement, or about searching and navigating in HeinOnline, please contact our support team at (800) 277-6995, email us, or chat with us!

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