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With the September release, 66 new documents and 23 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.



  • We add the English translation of the Parliament of the Constitution of 1998 as amended to 2007, and the Albanian text of the amending law No. 9904 of 2008 from the official gazette



  • 5 documents have been added: all French texts from the official gazette: 3 from the transitional period of 1994, and 2 earlier ones from 1958 and 1963



  • The English translation of the Constitution of 1995 as amended to 2015, the current/latest text, has been added from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)



  • The diglot German/English text of the Federal Chancellery of the Federal Constitutional Law as amended to BGB1. No. 62/2016 has been added. This presents the state of the text as it will be in force on 1 January 2018: certain provisions of recent amending laws will not become effective until that date



  • The Constitution of 1988 was again amended by the 93rd Amendment of 8 September 2016. This amending law affected the Transitional Constitutional Provisions Act (ADCT). We include the text of the amending law from the official gazette and from the Chamber of Deputies, and the text of the ADCT from the Presidency and the Senate where it is combined with the text of the Constitution itself, and from the Chamber of Deputies where it is published separately



  • 7 documents are added, including the current/latest French and English texts of the Constitution of 1972 as amended to 2008. The others are documents from the colonial period, 1920 to 1961



  • The latest edition of the Taoiseach (Prime Ministry) of the current/latest text of the Constitution of 1937 as amended to the 34th Amendment Act has been included, as has the text as amended to 2002. We also add for historical purposes the Act for the Union of Great Britain and Ireland of 2 July 1800 from the Statutes at Large of Ruffhead and of Pickering. These are also added, correspondingly, to the collection of documents for the UK



  • The Independent Electoral Commission of Jordan has now provided an English translation of the Constitution of 1952 as amended to 2016 (current/latest)



  • The Ministry of State has produced a new edition of the Constitution of 1868 as amended to 2009. While the text has not changed, the annotations and references have been updated. The previous edition was produced in 2011



  • We include the first 8 amending laws to the Constitution of 1973, completing our collection of the amending laws to the current text


Slovak Republic

  • Three current/latest texts of the Constitution of 1992 as amended to 2015 have been added: The Slovak text from the Constitutional Court and its English translation, and a different translation from the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe


Sri Lanka

  • The parliament has now produced the consolidated text of the Constitution of 1978 as amended to 2015: we include the three languages: English, Sinhala and Tamil



  • The Constitution of 1994 was amended again by referendum on 22 May 2016. We include the Russian and Tajik versions of the Presidency; the English translation, usually produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has not yet been updated. We have added English translations of the original text of 1994, and as amended to 1999



  • The Constitution was amended on 14 September 2016. The Government has provided the Russian and Turkmen texts but the English translation has not yet been provided. A total of 14 documents have been added concerning the Constitution of 1992 and related constitutional laws. Most are diglot Russian/Turkmen editions of the Ministry of Justice, but also include English translations of the Constitution as amended in 2003 and 2006


New Titles

Following are notable titles available this month:

4 Volume Set Deutsche Staats -und Rechtsgeschichte (1821-1823)

4 Volume SetGeschichte der Rechtsverfassung Frankreichs (1845-1850)

3 Volume Set – Melanges Legislatifs, Historiques et Politiques, Pendant la Duree de la Constitution de I'an III (1801)

3 Volume Set – Origines, ou l'Ancien Gouvernement de la France, de l'Allemagne et de l'Italie: Ouvrage Historique (1789)

3 Volume Set – Histoire de la Barbarie et des Lois au Moyen Age (1829)


Click here to view a complete list of titles added this month>>



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