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HeinOnline's ScholarCheck is a series of tools which help researchers locate and access related material  from inside HeinOnline and via Fastcase. ScholarCheck also keeps track of the number of times articles are cited by other articles and cases. One of the more recent metrics tracked by ScholarCheck is the number of times articles have been accessed within a rolling 12-month period by other HeinOnline users. The HeinOnline development team recently ran a report of the articles which had the greatest increase in the number of times accessed between January 2016 and now, and some trending topics are discussed below.

Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

Companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb continue to grow the peer-to-peer marketplace addressing ride-sharing, lodging, cooking, delivery and other services. The quick and unexpected rise of these companies has presented new and unforeseen issues to pre-existing statutes and regulations. HeinOnline has experienced increased access to content covering this subject. 

Race and Ethnicity

Race continues to be a leading topic in the legal world in relation to many different areas including civil rights, the criminal justice system, and education, just to name a few.

United States Constitution

The meaning and interpretation of the United States Constitution has been studied throughout the history of the nation, and this year was no different.

After reviewing the article A New Birth of Freedom?: Obergefell v. Hodges, don't forget to view the controversial landmark case regarding same-sex marriages of Obergefell et al. v. Hodges available in the U.S. Supreme Court Library.

United States Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court is the highest federal court of the United States and has ultimate appellate jurisdiction over all federal courts and over state court cases involving issues of federal law. The Supreme Court is the final interpreter of federal constitutional law, acting within the context of the case. The HeinOnline Supreme Court Library includes comprehensive coverage of U.S. Reports, which are the official full text of all decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States and the official record of its rulings, orders, case tables, and other proceedings. The Preliminary Prints and Slip Opinions are also included to ensure no lack in coverage. 

U.S. Supreme Court cases which have experienced substantial increase in citations by articles and articles include:

These articles and cases show some correclation between race, regulations, and civil rights.  It will be interesting to see what similar and new topics will be trending in the future.  Be sure to check back in HeinOnline for more and updated information!

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