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Shannon Furtak

The field of sports law is composed of legal issues surrounding both amateur and professional sports in the United States. While some aspects of this legal field overlap with labor law, contract law, and others, many law schools offer specific programs dedicated to sports law.

Unsurprisingly, HeinOnline contains tons of information on this topic. A quick search for “sports law” across all content produces thousands of results, with more than 6,500 results in the Law Journal Library, nearly 2,500 results in Bar Journals, and nearly 2,000 results in the Intellectual Property Law Collection. Browse the Law Journal Library content by subject to locate 34 journals on this topic:

Use the subject-specific search box located above the list of titles to search only within sports law journals:

To find articles related to your topic without limiting the query to subject-specific titles, use the main search bar at the top of the page to search across all content in the Law Journal Library. For example, search for the phrases “pay to play” OR “pay for play”:

More than 1,600 results are produced. Sort by number of times accessed to see the articles that have been viewed the most by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period. The most-accessed article is from the South Texas Law Review and has been viewed 2,640 times in the past 12 months:

Pay for Play for College Athletes: Now, More than Ever [article]
South Texas Law Review, Vol. 38, Issue 4 (October 1997), pp. 1081-1106
Goplerud, C. Peter, III (Cited 32 times)
38 S. Tex. L. Rev. 1081 (1997)

Now Available: Hackney Publications

Recently, HeinOnline has partnered with Hackney Publications, which explores the legal side of sports in depth and delivers mission-critical information to professionals who have chosen the sports industry as their field. These journals provide analyses to help these professionals make the best business decisions.

Three titles are now included in the Law Journal Library with an embargo, but current content is available for these titles individually or as a package through HeinOnline’s Current Content Model:

  • Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics is a narrowly focused newsletter that monitors case law and legal developments at the intersection of sports and the higher education industry. Each month, LICA provides summaries and analysis of court opinions as well as stories about issues that have an impact on the typical college athletic department.
  • Journal of NCAA Compliance was founded in 2006, initially in partnership with Florida Coast School of Law. JONC is published bi-monthly and discusses the myriad issues in the growing field of college sports law.
  • Professional Sports and the Law delivers summaries of important court decisions, expert legal analyses, and relevant sports law articles to attorneys and other executives that work in-house for professional sports teams. PSL is printed and mailed every two months.

Issues in collegiate and professional sports have been a hot-button research topic for the past several years, so these journals are a valuable and timely addition to the Law Journal Library. HeinOnline is committed to increasing the value of the database by seeking out relevant material to enhance our users’ research experiences.

For help searching and navigating in HeinOnline, please contact the dedicated support team at (800) 277-6995, email us, or chat with us. For more information on accessing the current content of these journals, contact


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