NOW AVAILABLE: Trial Manual 6 for the Defense of Criminal Cases

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline’s American Law Institute Library continues to grow with the addition of Trial Manual 6 for the Defense of Criminal Cases. This widely-used how-to guide for handling criminal court cases was initially published in 1967, and, prior to this recent edition, was last updated in 1988.

Developed because of an urgent need for criminal defense lawyers, the original project was funded by the National Defender Project of the Legal Aid and Defender Association, the American College of Trial Lawyers, and the American Law Institute-American Bar Association Committee on Continuing Professional Legal Education (ALI-ABA), which is now known as ALI-CLE.

The new edition reflects myriad changes in the practice of criminal defense that have occurred since 1988, many of which pertain to technological and scientific developments in this field. This article by ALI Deputy Director Stephanie A. Middleton explains the complete history of this publication from its inception to today.

The Trial Manual is available in the ALI-CLE Publications subcollection. For users who may wish to obtain a print or an e-copy of this title, the shopping cart icon provides a quick link to access ALI-CLE’s publications page.

Click the title to browse or search its content. The 2017 edition is composed of two volumes. Click the + icon next to either volume to expand the robust tables of contents, or search the content of the entire title using the search box located above the volume listings.

Image-based PDFs ensure that users get exact replicas of original print documents. All text and metadata are fully searchable.

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