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Lauren Mattiuzzo

We have partnered with several different vendors in 2017 to enhance HeinOnline content and better serve our customers. Not only have we expanded our content, but we have added helpful resources for our users. This blog highlights the relationships we’ve created and how they have improved HeinOnline.

HeinOnline’s Vendor Partners

1. Quimbee

Quimbee is a company determined to further the success of law students nationwide by providing study aids such as case briefs, guides to writing exams, outlines for popular law school courses, and videos. Quimbee created a series of training videos covering different topics such as how to log into HeinOnline, how to create a MyHein account, how to search, and much more! Users can find these videos on our YouTube channel or access them via our Knowledge Base.

2. SAGE Publishing

SAGE has been part of the  global academic community since 1965, supporting quality research that transforms society and the understanding of individuals, groups, and cultures. This past year we reached an agreement with Sage Publishing to include, at no additional charge, 34 titles to the Law Journal Library with a three-year embargo. Also, the current content for the majority of these journals can be purchased within these four packages:

  1. SAGE Criminal Justice Package
  2. SAGE International Law Package
  3. SAGE Legal Review Package
  4. SAGE Medical/Legal Package
3. PowerNotes

PowerNotes is a helpful Chrome extension that not only saves what’s important, but also helps users focus their research and organize information. Creating outlines can be tedious and time-consuming, but PowerNotes offers a unique and intuitive solution for organizing all types of information from the interwebs. Pairing HeinOnline with PowerNotes helps save time and frustration, and empowers researchers to get projects done more efficiently.

4. Google Scholar

We expanded our existing relationship with Google Scholar to include Campus-Activated Subscribers Access, otherwise known as CASA. CASA allows off-campus and mobile users to access HeinOnline seamlessly, exactly as though the user is on-campus. This feature allows students to begin their research in a campus library and continue to access HeinOnline content from home without the hassle of logging in through a proxy server or web portal.

5. Edward Elgar Publishing

Edward Elgar Publishing is a leading international academic and professional publisher with a strong focus on the social sciences and legal fields. It publishes 350 titles annually and has successfully created a prestigious list of more than 5,500 titles. With this new partnership, Edward Elgar’s journals are available in the Law Journal Library with a three-year embargo. To access the current content of these journals, users can purchase the Edward Elgar Publishing Law Package. This package opens up current content on both Elgaronline and HeinOnline!

6. Sweet & Maxwell

Sweet & Maxwell has been in the legal publishing business for more than 200 years. We have recently partnered with them to bring full-text coverage from inception through 1985 of the British Tax Review. Indexing is provided for content from 1986 to date. This title provides comprehensive analysis of all aspects of tax law, from British tax law to international EU tax law.

7. McGill Institute and Centre of Air and Space Law

The McGill Institute and Centre of Air and Space Law is a leading authority on air and space law. With this partnership, HeinOnline now has a fully searchable space law database. For the first time ever, Annals of Air and Space Law is available digitally. Find this title in the Law Journal Library with a three-year embargo, or purchase the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law Publications database for complete coverage. This new database contains nearly 50 titles and 50,000 pages!

8. Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer is a global company that provides information, software, and services. This new partnership brings enhanced access to the Standard Federal Tax Reporter. Content is available in HeinOnline from inception in 1917 through 1985. Due to agreement terms with Wolters Kluwer, this publication is available only to academic institutions via subscriptions to HeinOnline’s Taxation & Economic Reform in American Parts I and II. Non-academics who subscribe to Standard Fed Plus through Wolters Kluwer are automatically able to access the archives, hosted digitally by HeinOnline, through their existing subscription.

Upcoming partnership news: West Academic and HeinOnline are teaming up to bring West Academic Publishing and Foundation Press® casebooks and Hornbooks® into HeinOnline’s user-friendly platform. The partnership is in the early stages, and more information will be forthcoming over the next several months.

Visit our website for a full list of commercial publishers with content in HeinOnline.

If you have any questions about these new additions or need help navigating in HeinOnline, contact our dedicated support team at (800) 277-6995, via email, or via live chat!

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