HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated: January 2019 Update

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Back in September, we updated our users on the content that was released in the World Constitutions Illustrated database dating back to May. Read below to find out what documents have been added to this ever-growing database.

Updates from September 2018 to Date

Since the last content news update, we have updated 17 countries and added nearly 170 new titles to the World Constitutions Illustrated database.

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  • The Constitution of 1972 was further amended by Act No. 29 of July 29, 2018. Now included are the diglot Bangla/English text of the amending law from the Bangladesh Gazette and the current/latest English consolidated text of the Ministry of Justice.


  • The Belgian House of Representatives updated their current/latest consolidated texts of the Constitution of 1994 as amended to October 24, 2017 in Dutch, English, French and German, all of which we have added. We previously included the corresponding editions of the Constitutional Court as part of the July 2018 Release.


  • Additional editions of the current/latest Constitution of 2008 in both French and English, these from the Elections Commission, are now available.


  • There are 24 new documents are available concerning the period 1908 -1943, all in English. Most of these will subsequently be copied to Taiwan.


  • The French text and our own current/latest translation on the new Constitution of the Comoros are now accessible. It was adopted at the Referendum of July 30, 2018 and entered into force on August 6, 2018 with the declaration of the official results of the ballot by the Supreme Court.

Congo, Democratic Republic of (Kinshasa)

  • Our own translation of the original text of the Constitution of 1967: the Second Republic. This Constitution underwent major amendment subsequently during its period in force, up to the transitional documents of 1993 are available. These transformations will be made part of releases during 2019.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)

  • There are 17 new documents concerning the period 1885-1908, from the Bulletin Officiel de l’Etat Independent du Congo and the Bulletin Officiel du Congo Belge. Additional documents concerning the period 1908-1960 will be added in future releases to further enrich the collection of fundamental laws of the colonial era in the Congo. An additional 12 documents are also available concerning the period 1960-2006. These concern documents since independence, up to and including the current Constitution of 2006, the 3rd Republic.


  • The Constitution of 1999/2000 was amended for the fourth time by Law No. 817/2018 of October 5, 2018. We include the Finnish and Swedish texts of the amending law, and the corresponding current/latest consolidations of the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry has not yet updated its English translation, but this usually occurs within two or three months.


  • An updated Bundestag consolidated English translation of the Basic Law to account for the amendments adopted on July 13, 2017 is available.


  • The Constitution of 1949/1950 was amended again by the 102nd Amendment Act which received assent on August 11, 2018. Now available is the text of the amending law from the Gazette of India.


  • The text of the 36th Amendment, which had been adopted at the Referendum of May 25, 2018, was promulgated as an Act on September 18, 2018 and now available are the English and Gaelic final texts. The text of the Bill was part of the June release.
  • The 37th Amendment of the Constitution (Repeal of the offence of publication or utterance of blasphemous matter) Bill was adopted at the Referendum of October 26, 2018. Now available are the text of the Bill and its corresponding Memorandum of Understanding. The printed text of the Act has yet to be made available; likewise the current/latest consolidated text.


  • There are 37 new  documents concerning the current Constitutional Declaration of 2011 and its subsequent amendments. Now included are all of these in both Arabic and English. Additional Arabic texts and English translations of the Constitution of 1951, the Constitutional Proclamation of 1969 and the various constitutional documents of the Gaddafi era are also available.
  • There are 18 new documents concerning the period 1911-1949. A number of these are from the Gazzetta Ufficiale of Italy, and deal with the period of Italian control of Cyrenaica and Tripolitania, and complement English translations previously included, mostly from the British and Foreign State Papers.


  • The Constitution of 1917 was amended again by Decree published in the Diario Oficial of August 27, 2018. Now available are the text of the amending law, and the current/latest consolidated texts of the Chamber of Deputies, the National Juridical Order, and the Supreme Court of Justice. As the latest amendment affected transitory provisions of a previous amending law, there was no need to update our own translation.

New Zealand

  • There are 12 new Reprints, all of 2018, to various of the laws of New Zealand dealing with constitutional matters.


  • The venerable Constitution of 1814 received another major reform by Resolution No. 788 promulgated on June 1, 2018. Now available are the Norwegian Bokmal and Nynorsk consolidated texts and the English translation of the Ministry of Justice. Also available are the Norwegian texts of 14 amendment resolutions from the period 2003-2016, in addition to that of the most recent amendment.


  • Three amending laws have been added from the Journal Officiel concerning the period 1991 to 2000. The amendments concern the Constitution of 1991, as well as Protocols to the Arusha Peace Accord of 1993.

Solomon Islands

  • The Constitution of 1978 was further amended by Act No. 5 of 2018 concerning electoral reform, which received assent on September 7, 2018. Now available is the official text of the amending law.


  • The Constitution of 1999/2000 was amended again at the Referendum of September 23, 2018. Users can now access the text of the amending law in French, German and Italian from the Federal Gazette. The consolidated texts of the Federal Council have yet to be updated.

Stay tuned for our next update!

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