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Call Us, Maybe? New Feature Now Available Thanks to a Customer Suggestion!


The support team at HeinOnline is extremely receptive to feedback. Customers call us, chat us, and even tweet us with suggestions. Each suggestion is carefully looked at and evaluated. Raquel Gabriel, Professor & Director of the Law Library at CUNY School of Law, recently reached out to us on live chat and suggested that we add a direct link to an author’s profile page via their MyHein. We agreed that this would be a convenient shortcut, and within days this new feature was added! We’d like to thank Professor Gabriel for this constructive suggestion.

Author Profile Links

Authors who have enhanced their author profile page to include their email address and have also created a MyHein account using the same email address will now see a direct link to access their author profile page via the MyHein menu. To access this new feature, authors must be signed in to MyHein.

MyHein link to Author Profiles
Author Profile Page example

This new feature allows authors to easily access their author profile if they need to send any updated information or if they want to view their metrics. Authors no longer have to search for their name in HeinOnline to locate their page.

Don’t Have a MyHein Account?

This is an easy fix! Simply click on the Create an Account option from the MyHein drop-down menu located on any page in HeinOnline. The MyHein User’s Guide contains instructions on how to set up an account and how to utilize this organizational tool.

Create an Account link

Haven’t Enhanced Your Author Profile Page Yet?

To enhance an author profile page, authors will need to fill out this form. They will be asked to provide an email address, birth year, university/affiliation, title, ORCID ID#, biography, links to social media profiles, and a photo. Once the form is submitted, a HeinOnline support representative will create the page.

If authors wish to edit their already enhanced profile, they can fill out a form found directly on their author profile page by clicking the Edit Author Profile button.

Edit Author Profile link

If a librarian would like to submit multiple profiles on behalf of faculty, please contact holsupport@wshein.com and a representative will provide a CSV template.

Check out this blog to learn more about the ins and outs of Author Profile Pages.

Help Us Help You

Our goal at HeinOnline is to make sure you have a top-notch research experience. Do you have an idea or suggestion? Tweet us, send us a message on Facebook, or pick up the phone and call us at 800-277-6995. You can find our feedback form directly in HeinOnline and you can also live chat with us! In case none of those options appeals to you, shoot us an email at holsupport@wshein.com.

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