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We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our existing agreement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.! More than 20 Wiley journals, including 13 brand new titles (and one coming soon), are now part of the ever-growing Law Journal Library which contains more than 2,700 journals. These titles are being added at no additional cost and cover a wide array of subjects. We hope you enjoy these new offerings!

Wiley Titles in HeinOnline

Washington and Lee Top 500 Journals

Washington and Lee School of Law developed a Law Journal Rankings Project to give scholars a resource to locate journals by subject, country or publication, or ranking (where available), to display journal editorial information, and to facilitate an author’s article submission to those journals. The project currently ranks journals based on citation data from a 2010-2017 survey period. The site is updated annually, to include data up through the preceding completed calendar year.

HeinOnline contains 491 of the top 500 journals. The following Wiley journals are included in this comprehensive list:

  1. American Business Law Journal: This faculty-edited, double-blind peer-reviewed journal publishes top-quality law review articles that make a scholarly contribution to all areas of law that impact business theory and practice. Legal scholars who are well-versed in the relevant specialty area have selected articles that are original, thorough, important, and timely. Faculty editors assure the authors’ contribution to scholarship is evident. The journal aims to elevate legal scholarship and inform responsible business decisions.
  2. Family Court Review: For more than five decades, Family Court Review has served as an interdisciplinary communication forum for judges, attorneys, mediators, and professionals in mental health and human services who are concerned with the improvement of all aspects of the family court system. The Review brings comprehensive coverage of family court practice, theory, research, and legal opinion. It includes peer-edited articles by distinguished judges, attorneys, and other family court specialists covering timely information on real-world issues.
  3. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies: This peer-edited, peer-refereed interdisciplinary journal fills a gap in the legal and social science literature that has often left scholars, lawyers, and policymakers without basic knowledge of legal systems. It publishes high-quality, empirically orientated articles of interest to scholars in a diverse range of law and law-related fields. Always timely and provocative, studies published in the JELS have been covered in leading news outlets such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Forbes Magazine, and USA Today.
  4. Law & Society Review: The Review is a peer-edited publication for work bearing on the relationship between society and the legal process, including articles or notes of interest to the research community in general, new theoretical developments, results of empirical studies, and reviews and comments on the field or its methods of inquiry. It welcomes work from any tradition of scholarship concerned with the cultural, economic, political, psychological, or social aspects of law and legal systems.

Tips, Tricks, and Time Savers

Are you utilizing all the advantageous tools that are integrated into the Law Journal Library? These quick tips and tricks will save you valuable research time!

More like this

When viewing an article in HeinOnline, the More Like This button gives users the ability to find similar articles. This tool uses a program which pulls out “interesting words,” as determined by an algorithm, from the article being viewed. Users are then provided with a list of similar articles, based on the interesting words. To use this tool, click on the More Like This button located on the upper right-hand side of an article.

Adjust the boost factors of the interesting words, add a new term, or select a data range to modify the search results.

Citation Format guide

Click the Citation Format Guide listed underneath the Citation tab on the main search bar in the Law Journal Library for an A-Z list of titles and their corresponding citations.

For example, search for Journal of Empirical Legal Studies by navigating to the letter J. There are several options for this journal because there are multiple citation formats integrated into HeinOnline. Click on any of the options provided and fill in the volume and page number for the citation.


Are you researching a specific topic? Within the Law Journal Library, navigate to the Advanced Search option. From here, users can choose a topic. Click in the Topics section to see a dropdown of available choices. For example, enter euthanasia into the Topics section and click the search button.

Search results include all articles in the Law Journal Library which fall under the topic of euthanasia.

Users can also filter through topics when refining searches. For example, run a search for “right to die” in the Law Journal Library using the Full Text tab. From the results page, refine the results by choosing Euthanasia from the Topics facet.

Need help?

For help searching or navigating HeinOnline, contact our dedicated support team at (800) 277-6995, email us, or chat with us!

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