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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Back in April, we updated our users on the content that was released in the World Constitutions Illustrated database dating back to January 2019. Read below to find out what documents have been added to this ever-growing database.

Updates from April to Date

Since our last content news update, we have updated 21 countries and added nearly 90 new titles to the World Constitutions Illustrated database.

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We have added 9 documents relating to the amending laws of the Constitution of 1966, which completes the collection of amendments. We also included two historical documents explicitly referenced in the Preamble of the Constitution: the Declaration of Lord Willoughby of February 18, 1651 and the Charter of Barbados, or Articles of Agreement, of January 11, 1652.

On April 22, 2019, the Coordinated Constitution of 1994 was amended. We added the text of the amending law from the Moniteur Belge, including the Dutch, French, and German texts of the House of Representatives, as well as the Dutch and French texts from the Ministry of Justice. An English translation of the House of Representatives will be available shortly.

The Ministry of Commerce Investment Promotion Agency has provided an English translation of the NPC Resolution of March 11, 2018, which amends the Constitution of 1982.

The new constitution of Cuba was adopted at the Referendum of February 24, 2019. It’s publication and entry into force was delayed to correspond with the 150th anniversary of the Constitution of Guaimaro of April 10, 1869. We have added the Spanish official final text, as well as our own current translation.

The Constitution of 2014 was amended at the Referendum of April 20, 21, and 22, 2019. We have added the Arabic, French, and English translations of the text of the amendments.

The Basic Law of the Federal Republic of 1949 was amended on March 28, 2019. We have included the text of the amending law, as well as three editions of the Bundestag and the Federal Ministry of Justice in German.

We have added the latest consolidation of the Constitution of 1949/50 from April 1, 2019. This is now complete through the 103rd Amendment Act.

The Constitution of 1937 was amended by the Thirty-Eighth Amendment of the Constitution Act 2019, the Dissolution of Marriage. The text was ratified at the Referendum on May 24, 2019 and is now available.

The Senate has produced new editions of the Constitution of 1947. Newly translated texts are now available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.

The Constitution of 1955 was amended by Law No. 238-VI ZRK of March 23, 2019. This amendment changed the name of the capital city from “Astana’ to “Nur-Sultan.” We have added the text of the amending law in Kazakh and Russian. An English translation will be available shortly.

Now included are English translations for the latest text of 1972 as amended in 2016, the current text of 1972 as amended in 2014, the current text of 1972 as amended in 1998, and the original text of the Constitution of 1948.

The English translation of the current constitution of 1991 as amended in 2015 is now available.

On March 21, 2019, the Constitution of Lithuania of 1992 was amended by Law No. XIII-2004, concerning the right of persons to refer matters to the Constitution Court.

The Constitution of 1991 was amended by the adoption of Amendments XXXIII-XXXVI on January 11, 2019. Among these amendments is the change of the country’s name to the “Republic of North Macedonia.”

  • Two new amending laws of the Constitution of 1917 were promulgated on March 26 and April 12, 2019. We added the text of the amending laws, the consolidated text of the Chamber of Deputies, and the Juridical Order. With these additions of amending laws, the current translations have been updated.
  • The Constitution of 1917 was further amended on May 15, 2019. We have included the text of the amending law and the consolidated text of the Chamber of Deputies.
  • The Constitution of 1917 was amended again on June 6, 2019, concerning parity of gender. Now available is the text of the amending law, the current consolidated text of the Chamber of Deputies, the Electoral Tribunal, and the Juridical Order.

We have added 3 documents on the current Constitution of 1992, including the original text in English, the original text in Mongolian, and the current text of 2000 with an English translation.

Now available are two amending laws from 2016 and 2018 to the Constitution of 1968.

We added the “official edition” of the Constitution of 1993 as amended in 2019 from the National Congress.

There are two new amendments to the Constitution of 1992 are available. The first amendment from, January 30, 2019, determined that certain provisions of the amending Constitutional Law No. 161/2014 were unconstitutional. This affected Articles 147 and 154d. Next, the latest Constitutional Law, No. 99/2019, was adopted on March 28, 2019, and concerns Articles 36 and 39. We added the consolidated texts of both dates from the collection of laws, Zhierka Zahonov of the Ministry of Justice.

New editions of the current Constitution of 1994 as amended in 2016, provided by the Supreme Economic Court in Russian and Tajik, are now available.

Now available are editions of the Constitution of 1982 as amended in 2017, in both English and Turkish.

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