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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Fall has officially begun. Leaves are falling, school is in full swing, and HeinOnline has been busy harvesting new content to release! Get ready to feast your eyes on what’s new this month.

We launched a new database, Business and Legal Aspects of Sports and Entertainment (BLASE), which includes highly editorialized articles and cases covering more than 55 topics selected by two experts on the subjects. Secrets of the Serial Set this month investigates the course of events in the Pacific theater of World War II and their culmination in V-J (Victory over Japan) Day. Early-bird pricing ends tomorrow for the new Democracy in America database, so don’t delay. And if you didn’t know, we are a great resource for keeping up with current events and breaking news. Check out this Tip of the Week to learn how to research impeachment in HeinOnline.

Another new database is on the horizon so stay tuned! State Constitutions Illustrated will be available in the next few weeks. This database contains historical and current constitutions for all fifty U.S. states including pre-statehood primary material.


Updated databases: 60

New titles: 1,576

New volumes: 2,531

New pages added last month: 759,791

Total pages in HeinOnline: 175,563,808

Major Database Updates

The Law Journal Library continues to grow with the addition of ten new titles. Legal Classics Library has reached a new milestone and officially surpassed 15,000 titles. In the past month alone, nearly 400 volumes and more than 240,000 pages were added to the U.S. Congressional Serial Set. Nearly 30 titles were added to Reports of U.S. Presidential Commissions and Other Advisory Bodies. One of our newer databases, Democracy in America, has grown by 8 new titles.

Expand each collection below to see what has been updated, what’s new, and what is being featured this month.

Nearly 200 titles were updated and nine new titles were added this month, including:

Administrative Law Review Accord
Vols. 1-4 Article 5 (2014-2019)
Published by American University Washington College of Law

The ALR Accord is the online companion to the print journal. Pursuant to its mission to increase public access to and scholarly discussion about administrative law topics, Accord publishes content on a rolling basis. Through an expedited yet rigorous editing process, Accord publishes response pieces, student comments, and other shorter scholarly works about the administrative state.

Bitacora Millennium DIPr.
Vols. 1-9 Article 4 (2014-2019)
Published by Tirant lo Blanch

The mission of Bitacora Millennium DIPr. is to promote the study and research of Private International Law. The journal specializes in Private International European Union Law, International and Compared Spanish Law, and Interregional Law. The intended audience is researchers, academic members and legal professionals who are interested in Private International Law.

Comparative Law Review
Vols. 1-9#1 (2010-2018)
Published by University of Perugia Department of Law

The Comparative Law Review (CoLR) is a peer-reviewed journal featuring a theoretical exploration of legal systems and the mutual intersections of Law and Culture. The principal aim of the CoLR is to reassess the understanding of comparativism so as to provide an international forum for academic research and to orient the new trends of scholarly debate on central subject matters. CoLR explores legal theory, judicial practice and public policy, inspecting the urgent issues of our age. It is also devoted to stimulate and promote an interdisciplinary approach to law, relocating classical topics in a new framework at the crossroads of law and history, law and literature, law and philosophy, law and theology, law and visual arts.

CUNY Law Review Footnote Forum
Vols. 17-22#1 (2013-2019)
Published by City University of New York

This independent, student-run publication is devoted to producing public interest scholarship, engaging with the public interest bar, and fostering student excellence in writing, legal analysis, and research. It continually seeks shorter, more time-sensitive contributions, such as comments on recent federal or state case law, critiques of legislative proposals, and legal analyses of current events.

Der Staat
Full Text: Vols. 1-51 (1962-2012)
Indexed: Vols. 1-57#3 (1962-2018)
Published by Duncker & Humblot GmbH

This journal highlights the theory of the state, constitutional history, and German and European public law. Instead of an historical approach, Der Staat examines the fundamentals of today’s statehood, analyzes the concrete and current developments, and classifies them within the further contexts of the respective dogmatics within both the jurisprudence and the legitimation discourse in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Harvard Business Law Review Online
Vols. 1-9 Article 4 (2010-2019)
Published by Harvard Law School

Harvard Business Law Review Online is a portal to timely pieces about recent developments in business law, designed to be a cutting-edge guide to the topic. As an important forum for opinion and scholarship, it provides opportunities for student members to develop their own editing and writing skills and it also contains pieces by outside contributors.

Nirma University Law Journal
Vols. 1-8#1 (2011-2018)
Published by Nirma University, Institute of Law

Nirma University Law Journal provides a new and exciting way of exploring the changing dynamics of law. The journal is designed to cover a broad spectrum of topical issues, which are set within the framework of a changing global scenario, highlighting the catalytic nature of legal frameworks for society. The result is a coherent exposition which offers the reader a clear overview of the broader thematic influences on the law while also focusing more specifically on current manifestations of legal questions.

University of Puerto Rico Business Law Journal
Vols. 1-9 (2010-2018)
Published by University of Puerto Rico Law School

This student-edited journal fills a void as a forum for academics, practitioners, and students who share a common concern: helping to improve our standard of living. The publication serves as a platform for novel issues, as well as old ones that may need revising. The goal is to reach a variety of readers—law school students and professors, the judiciary, politicians, and practitioners from the legal, business, and economic spheres.

One title was updated and 22 new titles were added this month, including:

Control of Germany and Japan
1v. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1944
Moulton, Harold G.; Marlio, Louis

Institute of Pacific Relations, Honolulu Session, June 30-July 14, 1925: History, Organization, Proceedings, Discussions and Addresses

Regles Internationales et Diplomatie de la Mer
2v. Paris: Imprimerie et Librairie, 1845
Ortolan, Theodore

Legal Classics Library officially surpassed 15,000 titles with the addition of more than 250 titles this month, including:

Democracy and Free Enterprise
1v. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1942
Arnold, Thurman W.

Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents other than Court Forms
17v. London: Butterworth & Co., 1902-1909
Underhill, Arthur; et al.

Human Sterilization: The History of the Sexual Sterilization Movement
1v. New York: Macmillan, 1932
Landman, J. H.

Law of Automobiles (7th ed.)
6v. Chicago: Callaghan and Company 1935
Berry, C. P.

Radio Laws of the United States
1v. Washington: U.S. G.P.O., 1972
Udell, Gilman G., Compiler

South African Commonwealth
1v. Johannesburg: Specialty Press of South Africa, 1919
Nathan, Manfred

Spanish and Mexican Land Grants
1v. San Francisco: Bancroft-Whitney Company, 1923
Morrow, William W.

Works of Daniel Webster (20th ed.)
6v. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1890
Webster, Daniel

This month, one title was updated and 26 new titles were added, including:

Can Inflation Be Controlled?
1v. Washington, D.C.: Anderson Kramer Associates, 1958
Moulton, Harold G.

Dynamic Economy: A Dialogue in Play Form
1v. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1950
Moulton, Harold G.; Palmer, Frank

Financial Organization and the Economic System
1v. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1938
Moulton, Harold G.; Spencer, William Homer, Editor

This month, two titles were updated and 36 new titles were added, including:

British Monarchy: Or, a New Chorographical Description of All the Dominions Subject to the King of Great Britain
Bickham, George

Guatemala: The Story of an Emergent Latin-American Democracy
Rosenthal, Mario

History of the American Revolution
2v. Philadelphia: Printed and Sold by R. Aitken & Son, 1789
Ramsay, David

But wait, there’s more! Access the comprehensive list of all new material added and updated in the September Content Release.

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