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Lauren Mattiuzzo

With this month’s content release, we added 12 new journals! Out of these, 11 are active serials. Join us as we take a closer look at each of the new titles and what type of content they cover.


Vols. 1-21 (1999-2019)

Published by Universidad del Rosario

Estudios Socio-Juridicos is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes research papers in the following areas: law, social-law, anthropology-law, and traditional law contributions (public law, private law, criminal law, human rights law and international law) from interdisciplinary areas. The aim of this journal is to contribute to the development and circulation of research in these areas in Latin America.


(Included in the Bar Journal Library)

Vols. 1-107 (1912-2019)

Published by Illinois State Bar Association

This award-winning monthly magazine is led by the Illinois State Bar Association, which was founded in 1877. This voluntary organization of about 28,000 members focuses on assisting Illinois lawyers in the practice of law and promotes improvements in the administration of justice. The Association engages in many important activities on behalf of the profession—among them proposing and shaping legislation, educating the public, and supporting the courts and the rule of law.


Vols. 1-7 (2007-2017)

Published by NALSAR University of Law

The goal of this peer-edited journal is to promote interest in the field of constitutional law through discussions, competitions, and lectures by eminent scholars. The journal aims to remedy the lack of authoritative academic writing and explore issues related to the Indian Constitution, but also to undertake a keen examination of various other constitutions.



Vols. 1-9 (2008-2018)

Published by NALSAR University of Law

This peer-edited journal is India’s first student-run journal that is wholly devoted to the study of and research in the laws of intellectual property. The journal stands committed to its mission to spread awareness on issues around intellectual property law far and wide.

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Vols. 1-8#3 (2012-2019)

Published by MDPI Switzerland

Laws is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal, which publishes works from extensive fields including legal systems, legal theory, legal institutions, and a broad range of legal subjects. To guarantee a rapid refereeing and editorial process, Laws follows standard publication practices in the natural sciences. The founding idea of the journal is to cut through the myriad disadvantages of traditional legal publishing—in part borrowing from the best ideas in scientific journalism and in part improving upon them.

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Vols. 1-17 (2016-2019)

Published by eNUOLAIR

This peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal publishes original research articles and reviews in the areas of maritime and transport law, international trade, customs and tax law, border management, and globalization of administrative law. It is committed to be a reliable source of current information on developments in those fields and to serve as a forum for leading scholars and practitioners. The Editorial Board makes rapid and fair publication decisions that are based on the principles of The COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Editors and COPE Core Practices.

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Vols. 1-12 (2005-2017)

Published by NALSAR University of Law

This peer-reviewed student-edited journal seeks to promote and enhance legal scholarship by cultivating a culture of academic writing among students, practitioners, advocates, judges, and academics. It serves as a medium through which students can express their views on pertinent legal issues, supported by in-depth research. To ensure impartial judgment and quality, each article submitted is sent to an external expert in the areas of research for evaluation.

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Vols. 1-11#3 & Sp. Iss. (2009-2019)

Published by Academic University Editorial. University of Las Tunas

This is a quarterly open-access scientific journal, edited by the Academic University Publishing House. It is a multidisciplinary journal whose main mission is to promote and disseminate the results of scientific research mainly in the field of social sciences, arts and humanities, and natural sciences. Its objective is to provide research articles on the disciplines of reference. The journal integrates a community of researchers and develops collaborative spaces in the field of knowledge management for the development of society through the socialization of scientific results. The Scientific Committee of the journal, composed of renowned external researchers, makes a careful selection of articles through the double-blind arbitration system.

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Vols. 29-45 (2005-2018)

Published by Rutgers Law School

This student-edited journal seeks to facilitate quick dissemination of the legal community’s initial impressions of groundbreaking legal issues with innovative articles and cutting-edge viewpoints. It publishes a variety of articles and blogs written by practitioners, judges, and academics. It actively promotes each addition by publicizing their issues with relevant professional associations. The journal aims for its authors’ articles to be read by potential clients, peers, and colleagues.

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Vols. 1-48 (1962-2019)

Title Varies: Vols. 1-25 (1962-1988) as Bulletin of the Section on Corporation, Banking & Business Law; Vols. 26-30 (1988-1993) as Bulletin of the Business Law Section

Published by State Bar of Texas Business Law Section

This journal aims to provide a timely and informative selection of current matters in the field of corporation, banking, and business law. It includes recent-case digests, attorney general opinions and administrative rulings, information as to pending and enacted legislation, and mention of publications and institutes.

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Vols. 1-76 (1921-2016)

Published by University of Ljubljana Faculty of Law

This peer-edited journal publishes scientific papers from teachers and researchers at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Law, its doctoral students, and other legal experts from home and abroad. The annual journal offers its readers scientific articles that reflect academic achievements in different fields of law. Articles are published in either Slovenian or English (starting with 2015).  Its inaugural volume was published in 1921.

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Tip of the Month

Did you know you can browse journals by the country in which they’re published? From the Law Journal Library homepage, users will see multiple options, including:

  • Browse all titles using the A-Z index
  • Browse titles by the state of publication (in the United States)
  • Browse titles by the country of publication
  • Browse titles by their subject
  • Browse titles by their edit-type
  • Browse the most-cited articles, journals, and authors
  • View Author Profiles

For this example, let’s navigate to the browse by country option.

From here, let’s see what journals have been published in India. Scroll through the alphabetical listing of countries and click on India, where you will see there are 16 journals listed for this country. From the country title listing, you will find a handy search bar above all the journals.

Scroll through the alphabetical list of journals that have been published in India and you will find three of our newest journals: Indian Journal of Constitutional LawIndian Journal of Intellectual Property Law, and NALSAR Student Law Review!

Law Journal Library LibGuide

For more information on navigating the Law Journal Library, check out the LibGuide, which includes search tips, tools, features, and training materials!

Don’t forget to check back next month to see what new journals are available and to brush up on your HeinOnline skills.

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