HeinOnline’s State Constitutions Illustrated: August 2020 Update

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Back in February, we updated researchers on new material that was added to our new database, State Constitutions Illustrated. In the last six months, we’ve added more material! Read below for an update to see what’s new in this database.

Updates from February to Date

Since February, additional current documents have been added to three states, and nearly 800 prestatehood documents have been added to several other states. All states are up to date as of the elections of November 5, 2018.

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  • We added the text of the amendment to SJR2 concerning Art. I Sec. 9m (Marsy’s Law). We also included the annotated and non-annotated texts of the Constitution of 1848, as well as the LRB’s index.
  • We updated the List of Amendments since 1876 from the current text of the Texas Legislative Council.
  • We corrected the amendment to Art. II, Section 36 concerning Marsy’s Law, which was ratified, but later found unconstitutional by the Montana Supreme Court.

  • Essential documents have been added to New Hampshire from the period of 1620-1635 concerning the lifespan of the Council for New England. These documents were also added to the corresponding states of Maine and Massachusetts.
  • Additional documents have been added concerning the original “Combinations” of the four towns which became New Hampshire from the period 1639-1679. We added their submission to the government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, their disenchantment with the government, the progress of proceedings before Charles II, and the Commission constituting a President and Council for New Hampshire. These documents were also added to Massachusetts.
  • Covering the period of 1680-1685, we added documents concerning the government of the Province of New Hampshire and the laws adopted. This tumultuous period in New Hampshire history ends with the formation of the Territory and Dominion of New England, which you can also find under this state. These documents were also added to the corresponding states of Maine and Massachusetts.
  • More documents covering the period of 1689 to 1767 were added to New Hampshire and Massachusetts concerning the second government of New Hampshire by Massachusetts Bay until they were later separated. These documents also cover the Commissions and Instructions to the Royal Governors of the Province of New Hampshire, the settlement of the boundary dispute between New Hampshire and Massachusets Bay, and the continuing litigation rights under the Masonian Patent.
  • We added the Constitution of the short-lived Republic of West Florida of October 27, 1810, to both Florida and Louisiana.
  • Now available are early pre-statehood documents for Maine including grants for lands in Maine under the auspices of the Great Council of New England, Royal Charters to Sir William Alexander and grants made by him concerning lands in Nova Scotia and Canada, and documents concerning Charters, Commissions, and Indentures related to Sir Ferdinando Gorges.
  • We also added documents concerning French possessions affecting the boundaries of Maine, documents concerning the relationship between Maine and Massachusetts Bay, and documents related to the District of Maine as apart of Massachusetts.

State Constitutions Illustrated LibGuide

To learn more about how to search and navigate in this new database, check out the LibGuide! Explore search tips and discover all the material included in this comprehensive collection.

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