Major Database Enhancement! COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present

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Tara Kibler

In August, HeinOnline released COVID-19 in America: Response, Issues, and Law free to all Core subscription packages, empowering users with factual information about the COVID-19 pandemic and its global effects.

This database compiled hundreds of publications from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Government Accountability Office (GAO), analyzing the various ways COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life, from testing issues in the medical field to unemployment and economic impact.

Now, the addition of more than 530 titles and nearly 50,000 pages has necessitated an expansion of this database. Users will now find a new Past Pandemics subcollection added to their database subscription, bringing together a multitude of government documents and reports from recent public health history that evaluate the current situation within the context of other past global health crises. Please note that the addition of this extensive new content has led HeinOnline to update the database name accordingly.

To get started, navigate to the revamped COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present. Users will immediately see an updated database landing page that incorporates more information about pandemics prior to COVID-19.

Select the Past Pandemics subcollection from the tabs at the top of the database page to see a listing of the new titles that have been added. Use the A-Z tool for easy browsing.

Select an entry dealing with a past pandemic to bring up an image-based facsimile of the original print document.

In addition to adding this new subcollection, we have updated the External Links tab in this database, reformatting it and renaming it as Additional Resources. Select this tab to be directed right to an extensive list of resources outlined in the COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present LibGuide. 

Here, users will find external resources compiled by HeinOnline and the wider library community to help further your research into COVID-19. Resources have been categorized by type to include those from academic publishers, from the legal and medical fields, and from journalists and news sources.

Also included is a librarian-curated collection of external resources—likely of particular interest to other librarians—which houses bibliographies, blog posts, and more from these vital members of our society who remain at the forefront of COVID-19 information sharing. Many of these entries were submitted to HeinOnline for specific inclusion in this database by the librarian authors themselves, making this a truly collaborative resource within the wider community.

If your library has compiled a resource on COVID-19 or a past pandemic that should be added to this guide, please email

Log in now to browse the new content now available with this database enhancement.


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