New Journals Added to HeinOnline This Month!

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With the November content release, we added nine new journals, all of which are active serials. In addition, the incorporation of these publications brings HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library to a whopping 2,900 journals! 

Let’s dive into these new titles and see what type of content they cover.

Annals of the Contantin Brancusi University of Targu Jiu, Letters and Social Sciences Series


Published by University of Targu Jiu

Annals of the Constantin Brancusi University of Targu Jiu, Letters and Social Sciences Series includes articles from the historical, social, and philosophical perspectives with the objectives of encouraging research in education and expanding the horizon of knowledge in the field of letters and social sciences. The papers submitted also relate to interdisciplinary fields such as public management, administrative law, communitarian law, international law, and international relations. This journal, according to Horatiu Gorun, Editor-in-Chief, is a means to draw together factors involved in the conceptualization, elaboration, implementation and evaluation of educational policy.

Florida State University Law Review Online

Vols. 45-47 (2017-2019)

Published by Florida State University College of Law

The Florida State University Law Review Online is an online forum to promote the discussion of emerging legal issues. The publication includes short essays, response pieces, and case notes written by former and current editors of the Florida State University Law Review, a forum for contemporary legal discourse.

Additionally, the online forum includes the annual Rehearing, a virtual symposium designed to bring together a small group of scholars to discuss a pressing legal issue, which is recorded and then transcribed.

Intergovernmental Organisations In-House Counsel Journal


Published by Association of Lawyers in Intergovernmental Finance and Development Organisations (ALIFDO) Ltd.

The Intergovernmental Organisations In-house Counsel Journal is the peer-edited law journal of the Association of Lawyers in Intergovernmental Finance and Development Organisations (ALIFDO) Ltd. ALIFDO is a membership-based not-for-profit entity formed in 2017 with the “global ambition” of bringing all lawyers working in intergovernmental organizations committed to finance and development under one umbrella. The purpose of the journal is to provide a platform for ALIFDO members, academics, and other practitioners and to identify and explore topics of interest to lawyers working for such international organizations, as well as to those who are interested in the work of these organizations.

Liberal Studies

Vols. 1-4#2 (2016-2019)

Published by Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Liberal Studies is a transdisciplinary biannual journal of the School of Liberal Studies at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in India. Liberal Studies aims to serve as an intellectual forum for humanities, arts, and social science scholars to put forward and converse on local and global issues, both from academic and policy perspectives. Each issue of the journal amalgamates research articles, expert opinions, and book reviews on various topics with an endeavor to investigate contemporary world concerns. The journal aspires to be a leading international journal in bridging the long-standing gap in the existing social science literature dissected on disciplinary lines.

Revista de la Facultad de Jurisprudencia (RFJ)

Vols. 1-8#1 (2017-2020)

Published by Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador (PUCE)

The Journal of the Faculty of Jurisprudence (RFJ) is a continuous peer-edited and biannual scientific publication published by the Publications Center under the auspices of the Research Directorate of University. The modality of continuous publication closes on June 30 and on December 31 of each year; however, the RFJ is open to receiving articles throughout the year. Its emphasis is on the legal field and its relationship with other disciplines, knowledge, and sciences.

Revista Eurolatinoamericana de Derecho Administrativo (Euro-Latin American Jounral of Administrative Law)

Vols. 1-6 (2014-2019)

Published by Universidad Nacional del Litoral

The Euro-Latin American Journal of Administrative Law is a biannual scientific journal composed by universities from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Italy and Spain. The publication is peer-edited and articles are selected through a double-blind peer-review process. Its mission is to publish excellent law articles on Administrative Law in European and Latin American spaces. The central focus of the journal is the study of this discipline, and especially issues related to the relationship of public administration with globalization, social inclusion, the fight against corruption, public procurement, fundamental rights, and the phenomenon of the constitutionalization of law.

Technium Social Sciences Journal

Vols. 1-12 (2019-2020)

Published by Technium Science

Technium Social Sciences Journal (TSSJ) is a peer-edited annual journal that welcomes high-quality contributions investigating topics in the fields of Communication Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Law, Education, Political Science, Sociology, Administrative Sciences, Social Work, and many more, from theoretical, empirical and critical perspectives. TSSJ mainly favors original and articulate research papers, but theory-focused articles, book reviews, and other scientific contributions are also welcome.

University of the Gambia Law Review (GLR)

Vols. 1-2 (2018-2019)

Published by University of the Gambia, Law Faculty

The University of the Gambia Law Review is a peer-edited journal that aims to provide a platform for African legal articles, often in a West African context, to be published alongside international and contemporary legal papers. Gambian and other West African human rights violations and general legal challengers are often unheard in global dialogue amongst larger African nations who bear greater resources. This journal is on a mission to shine a light on these issues and challenge common rhetoric and presumptions found within the legal practice in West Africa.

Utah Journal of Criminal Law

Vols. 1-4 (2014-2019)

Published by Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Criminal Law Section of the Utah State Bar

The Utah Journal of Criminal Law is a peer-reviewed, scholarly publication designed to elevate the discussion and quality of criminal law practice. Articles may be defense- or prosecution-oriented, but the overall goal is to provide balanced discussions of an academic nature. To ensure balance and quality, each article is edited by a criminal defense lawyer, a prosecutor, and an academic or judge. When articles promote one side over the other, the Editorial Board seeks to identify authors to provide the opposing viewpoint. The Editorial Board consists of criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors, academics, and judges, and articles are proofread and citation-checked by law students.

Tip of the Month

Author profile pages showcase, promote, and contextualize the scholarly work of individual authors throughout HeinOnline. Did you know that you can easily browse these profiles by institution in the Law Journal Library? From the Law Journal Library landing page, select the right-most Browse button, Author Profiles.

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Law Journal Library LibGuide

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Screenshot of Law Journal Library LibGuide in Heinonline

Check back next month to see what new journals are available and to brush up on your HeinOnline skills!

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