2020 Year in Review

What's New, Year in Review
Lauren Mattiuzzo

In one key phrase we can sum up 2020: unprecedented times. While we were happy to start a fresh new year, 2020 will always be a year to remember. Here are some notable events that happened in the past 12 months:

Several iconic entertainers passed away, including actor Chadwick Bosemen, actress Carol Sutton, game show host Alex Trebek, actor Sean Connery, actress Naya Rivera, TV personality Regis Philbin, singer-songwriter Johnny Nash, and renowned guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Other influential people lost in 2020 include feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, civil rights icon Bruce Boynton, activist and filmmaker James Redford, and anthropologist David Graeber. The sports world also lost NBA legend Kobe Bryant, basketball hall of famer Tommy Heinsohn, baseball hall of famer Joe Morgan, and NFL legend Gale Sayers.

Amidst all this breaking news, HeinOnline continued to expand. Even during lockdowns, we worked diligently from our homes to bring you new and exciting content. And, while you were at home, you were still researching. In 2020 alone, HeinOnline had more than 13 million searches and more than 1 billion hits! Our dedicated Support Team logged 12,500 hours of live support, helping customers during 2,733 chats and 2,624 phone calls! During that time, we also added new databases and content and implemented new search features. Here’s a brief synopsis of what happened with HeinOnline in 2020.

New Databases

1. Current Index to Legal Periodicals

William S. Hein & Co., Inc. & HeinOnline acquired the rights to the University of Washington Gallagher Law Library’s Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP). Maintained diligently by an experienced team of editors, the publication indexes the most recent issues of primarily American law journals by subject heading. Through CILP, law professors, lawyers, and law librarians receive timely topical access to more than 650 legal publications organized within 104 relevant subject headings. Also included are complete tables of contents from all journals indexed, as well as Bluebook citations.

2. Bibliography of American Law School Casebooks

The second edition of Bibliography of American Law School Casebooks is available both in print (covering 1870-2018) and as an online database that is current to within the last year, with regular updates. Enhance your legal studies with the second edition of the only comprehensive casebook index, containing nearly 10,000 entries (4,000 more than the first edition!). Users can trace the topical development of legal education with the arrangement of 230 subject headings and utilize multiple browse options, including an extensive author index listing more than 4,200 authors.

3. American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

This database includes publications from the most prominent think tank associated with American neoconservatism, committed to strengthening the free enterprise system in America. Access research fueled by rigorous, data-driven and broad-ranging evidence in more than 1,700 titles covering 20 different policy areas. Unique to this collection is the ability to search by Policy Area, a subject identifier assigned by AEI to each of its publications, which organizes their works into the following: economics, foreign and defense policy, society and culture, health care, politics and public opinion, poverty studies, and education; additional Policy Areas within each of these main categories further organize publications into more specific topics.

4. COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present

This database empowers its users with information about how COVID-19 has impacted public health, economics, society, and the world. Access hundreds of Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports and other government documents relating to COVID-19 and past pandemics. Further your research with a curated list of scholarly articles and external links to supplement your pandemic research.

5. Executive Privilege

This database is a comprehensive resource for primary and secondary material relating to executive privilege. Peruse congressional hearings, reports, memoranda, and more, as well as law review articles and books that invoke, debate, and explore instances of executive privilege from our country’s founding to the present day. Our extensive metadata indexing allows for unique browsing options and a custom search index.

6. Civil Rights and Social Justice

HeinOnline’s Civil Rights and Social Justice database brings together a diverse offering of publications covering civil rights in the United States, as their legal protections and definitions are expanded to cover more and more Americans. This timely resource contains links to more than 500 scholarly articles, hearings and committee prints, legislative histories on landmark legislation, CRS and GAO reports, briefs from major Supreme Court cases, and publications from the Commission on Civil Rights. It allows users to educate themselves on the ways our civil rights have been strengthened and expanded over time, as well as how these legal protections can go further still.

New Features

We are always looking for ways to improve users’ HeinOnline experience. In the past year the following new features have been added to HeinOnline, many of which came from your suggestions:

Author Profile Page Enhancements

ORCID Records

Phase II of the ORCID integration provides authors the ability to display their ORCID records on their author profile page.

Case Citation Alerts

Users can receive email alerts when an author has been cited by a case that has been added to HeinOnline.

Editing Author Profiles

Authors who have enhanced their profile can edit it via MyHein if using the same email address.

Google Scholar and SSRN Links

Authors (or administrators) now have the added ability to link to Google Scholar Profiles and SSRN Profiles.


Multi-Level Taxonomy

Topics are even more intuitive, discoverable, and user friendly with the Law Journal Library’s multi-level taxonomy.

Citation Lookup Tool

Utilize our citation lookup tool, found on the Serial Set landing page, to quickly retrieve a document.

Availability Facet

Refine your search in the Law Journal Library to show only full-text availability of articles or indexed-only content.

Search Multiple Databases

Users can search multiple selected databases at once from their HeinOnline welcome page.


Manage Search History

Users can manage and organize their search history for greater efficiency using MyHein.

Manage Author Alerts

View a comprehensive listing of author alerts and adjust those alerts at any time with MyHein.

Favorite Databases

Mark databases as favorites to push them to the top of your HeinOnline welcome page using MyHein.

SmartCILP Profiles

This essential current awareness tool provides weekly tailored alerts delivered via email as a supplement to CILP.



We’ve integrated with NoodleTools, an online research management platform for any level of research experience.

Australian Guide to Legal Citations

The Australian Guide to Legal Citations (AGLC) has been added to HeinOnline citation formats.

Other Notable Content Additions

Since January 2020, HeinOnline has added:

  • 9,950,134 pages, bringing the total page count to 190,980,136
  • 143 new journals
  • 7,870 congressional documents
  • more than 4,000 CRS Reports
  • 1,768 legal classics
  • 1,296 titles to Taxation and Economic Reform in America: Parts I & II
  • 964 titles to the U.S. Presidential Library
  • 549 titles to Religion and the Law
  • 458 titles to U.S. International Trade Library
  • 417 titles to the American Indian Law Collection
  • 413 volumes to the U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library
  • 394 titles to Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S.

New titles and new content for existing titles continue to be added and milestones continue to be reached, including:

For a quick visual summary, check out this infographic!

Despite the events happening worldwide, we had another great year and would like to thank our loyal customers for their support and feedback. Stay tuned to see what’s new in 2021!

For questions or for help using HeinOnline, contact our dedicated support team at (800) 277-6995, email us, or chat with us!

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