President Biden Orders a Minimum Wage Increase

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President Joe Biden signed an executive order on April 27, 2021, calling for the minimum wage to be set at $15 for hundreds of thousands of federal contract workers, including those with disabilities, by early 2022. This would increase their existing minimum wage of $10.95 by nearly 37%.

The order also establishes an inflation measure each year for an automatic adjustment based off the cost of living. It further eliminates the tipped minimum wage for federal contractors by 2024, a stipulation that will complete the previous Obama executive order, ensuring that tipped employees working on these contracts will earn the same minimum wage as other employees on federal contracts. This order also restores minimum wage protections to outfitters and guides operating on federal lands, revoking former President Trump’s executive order.

How to Locate an Executive Order

Are you wondering how to locate an executive order in HeinOnline? Executive orders can be found within both the Federal Register Library and the U.S. Presidential Library. From the HeinOnline welcome page, enter “Executive Order 14026” and select Just search for from the drop-down options.

Search in HeinOnline

From the results page, users can select the collection in which they want to view the document.

Executive order search results in HeinOnline

Here is an example of an executive order within the Federal Register.

An executive order in the Federal Register

Researching Articles on Minimum Wage in HeinOnline

Using a combination of human curation along with natural language processing and machine learning, we’ve extracted narrow research concepts and interesting entities from each article in the Law Journal Library database. This has provided a robust foundation of more than 1,500 distinct multidisciplinary concepts (Topics) as well as relevant location, person, and organization information (Entities) which we’ve used to categorize each and every Law Journal Library document.

If you want to research this current event, you can head over to the Law Journal Library advanced search option and search by Topic. As you can see in the example below, minimum wage just happens to be a topic we have available.

Advanced search in the Law Journal Library

This search provides more than 1,770 results. Use the facets on the left-hand side to refine your results further. Let’s choose United States from the Location facet.

Search results for minimum wage in the law journal library

Sort the results by Volume date (newest first) to see current relevant articles, such as:

Find more search tips in the Law Journal Library LibGuide.

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