What’s New in HeinOnline: June 2021 Content Release

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Summer has officially waded in and we’re pretty shore you’re going to love the latest content flowing into HeinOnline, filled with new journals, government documents, and international legal materials. What’s more, we have some exciting company news to share.

We are thrilled to announce that three William S. Hein & Co., Inc. publications were recipients of the 2021 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award. Our CEO Kevin Marmion will be inducted into the American Association of Law Libraries Hall of Fame later this month. In addition, Executive Vice President Shannon Hein was recently awarded the Australian Law Librarians’ Association GEM of the Year Award.

Now, let’s jump into what’s new with HeinOnline.


Updated databases: 57

New titles: 2,031

New volumes: 2,822

New pages added last month: 683,912

Total pages in HeinOnline: 195,310,139

Highlights from the Past Month

We Announced Our CEO Kevin Marmion Will Be Inducted into AALL Hall of Fame

Hein’s CEO, Kevin Marmion, will be inducted into the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Hall of Fame during the 2021 virtual conference. Kevin is known for his hard work and dedication, as he quite literally worked his way from the bottom of the organization to the top. In this blog post, we take a look at his Kevin’s accomplishments and service to AALL and the library community.

We Announced a New Database: Military and Government

HeinOnline’s Military and Government allows users to research the functions of the federal government in administering these essential armed forces, as well as the issues confronting service personnel both on and off the battlefield—from women’s changing role in the military to the development of new weaponry to navigating benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs after service. Learn more about Military and Government.

We Shared Tips on the Various Ways to Log In to HeinOnline

Are you a student wondering if your library subscribes to HeinOnline? Or are you a librarian who needs to log in remotely? Maybe you’re a paralegal getting ready to kickstart your research. Check out our blog post or this brief video to learn all the ways to access HeinOnline.

We Showcased All the Different Citation Tools in HeinOnline

With HeinOnline’s citation tools, users can locate documents and cases with just a citation, find referenced material within a document, cite a specific document in multiple formats, and export those citations to various platforms. Learn more in this Tip of the Week blog post and check out this short video tutorial.

We Put a Spotlight on National Survey of State Laws

National Survey of State Laws (NSSL) is a print and online resource that provides an overall view of some of the most-asked-about and controversial legal topics in the United States. Learn all about this database in our recent blog post, or check out this short video for more information.

We Finished Indexing Kentucky Session Laws

The Session Laws Library indexing project continues: all 50 states are already indexed to the chapter or act level from 2000 to date. In 2017, we announced an amended tactic: states would be indexed back to inception one at a time, beginning with the most accessed states. Last month, the indexing for Kentucky was completed back to inception. Next up, we will be focusing on the state of Oregon.

We Took A Look Back at the History of Transgender People for Pride Month

Although to many the term transgender seems relatively new, its roots can be traced back to ancient civilizations. Verbiage and categorizations have changed over time and vary in different cultures. We explored the history of transgender people and how they are impacted by law today in this blog post.

We Researched the Details of the Tulsa Race Massacre

The Tulsa Race Massacre, also known as the Tulsa Race Riot and the Black Wall Street Massacre, is one of the most devastating incidents of racial violence in American history, but one that, until recently, has largely been hidden from the general popular consciousness. Learn about the details of this historic event with our recent blog post.

LibGuides Added This Month

Military and Government

Get a content overview for our newest database, Military and Government. Check out our search tips and additional resources to further your research on this topic.

Major Database Updates

We’ve added a ton of content to some of our most popular HeinOnline databases! Check out the substantial additions this month:

  • The Law Journal Library continues to grow with the addition of 10 new journals.
  • 230 hearings,  272 CRS reports, and more than 20 committee prints were added to the U.S. Congressional Documents database.
  • The Serial Set grew with the addition of more than 180 volumes and 100,000 pages.
  • Nearly 200 titles were added to Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases.
  • Legal Classics grew by 111 titles.
  • 93 titles were added to Foreign & International Law Resources database.
  • More than 30 titles were added to Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I and II.
  • United Nations Law Collection grew by 27 titles.
  • 24 titles were added to Religion and the Law.

That’s not all! Expand each collection below to discover additional updates, along with our favorite titles from each addition.

African Human Rights Law Reports


Published by PULP – Pretoria University Law Press

The African Human Rights Law Reports contains legal decisions of relevance to human rights law in Africa. The Reports are indispensable for anyone dealing with African human rights issues—legal practitioners, judges, international and domestic civil servants, members of civil society, and academics—and captures the evolving human rights jurisprudence of the African continent.

Canadian Journal of Bioethics / Revue Canadienne de Bioethique

Vols. 1-4#1 (2018-2021)

Published by University of Montreal

The Canadian Journal of Bioethics is a peer-reviewed, bilingual (French and English), international academic journal that publishes theoretical, conceptual, and empirical research in bioethics. The aim of the journal is to provide a space for the publication of high-quality and thought-provoking bioethics scholarship of diverse forms.

Central European Journal of Comparative Law (CEJCL)

Vols. 1-2#1 (2020-2021)

Published by Ferenc Madl Institute of Comparative Law

The Central European Journal of Comparative Law (CEJCL) aims at establishing itself as a comparative legal research forum that analyzes both private and public law of primarily (but not exclusively) European countries. The research topics and adopted approach of this double-blind peer-reviewed journal are relevant to the Central European and East Central European region. The intended audience is primarily legal scholars, and secondarily all types of legal practitioners.

Health Law Review

Vols. 1-22 (1991-2014) All Published

Published by University of Alberta

From 1991 to 2014, the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta produced two quarterly publications. These publications, one of which was the Health Law Review, contributed significantly to the development and discussion of Canadian health law and science policy, have served as publication outlets for a broad range of legal scholars, and have become invaluable resources for entities such as the Supreme Court of Canada.

Herald of Law


Published by Union of Law Scientists

The Herald of Law journal publishes scientific articles on topical issues of law, human rights, and public administration which contain scientific novelty and have high scientific value. Published twice a year in July and December, its goals are to present important scientific research in the field of law and to raise the development of law science and legal awareness in Georgian and international society. The journal is intended for Georgian and international scientists, researchers, PhD students, practicing lawyers, and all interested in law.

Jurnalul Baroului Cluj 


Published by Cluj Bar (member of the National Association of the Romanian Bars)

The Jurnalul Baroului Cluj focuses on articles in the field of law, both in terms of doctrine and national or European jurisprudence. The mission of this peer-reviewed journal is to submit topical legal issues to scientific debate for practicing lawyers (Romanian lawyers, in particular). In the pages of this publication, find the materials of fellow lawyers at the Cluj Bar, orientated primarily to the practical side of law, as well as occasional materials from other legal professionals or lawyers from other bars.

Political Theory

Full Text: Vols. 1-45 (1973-2017)
Indexed: Vols. 1-49#3 (1973-2021)

Published by SAGE Publications

Political Theory (PT), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, serves as the leading forum for the development and exchange of political ideas. Broad in scope and international in coverage, PT publishes articles on political theory from a wide range of philosophical, ideological, and methodological perspectives. Articles address contemporary and historical political thought, normative and cultural theory, the history of ideas, and critical assessments of current work.

Pretoria Student Law Review

Vols. 1-14 (2007-2020)

Published by PULP – Pretoria University Law Press

The Pretoria Student Law Review (PSLR) at the University of Pretoria is a student-driven initiative that provides an interactive forum for students, academics, and legal professionals to discuss topical legal matters. With the uncertainties that the future holds for South Africa, the African continent, and the world at large, University of Pretoria law students have a duty to challenge the status quo. Thus, the approach of the journal is not conventional but experimental, investigative, and sometimes challenging.

Review of European and Comparative Law (RECoL)

Vols. 1-44 (1988-2021)
Title Varies: Vols. 1-31 (1988-2017) as Review of Comparative Law

Published by John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Review of European and Comparative Law (RECoL), formerly Review of Comparative Law) is a quarterly journal publishing English articles written by Polish and authors from other countries. As the name of the periodical suggests, the intention of the editors is to present legal institutions in the European and comparative perspective. The Review also serves as a discussion forum in a broader international context. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to present Polish juridical output abroad.

Tort Law and Litigation Review

Vols. 1-2#1 (2018-2020)

Published by Clarus Press

The Tort Law and Litigation Review is a relatively new journal intended to keep its audience abreast of recent developments in tort theory and practice, both nationally and internationally. While specifically designed for solicitors and barristers practicing in personal injury litigation, the biannual journal also seeks to be an effective research tool for academics and students working within the field of tort law.

One title was updated four new titles were added, including:

Sport Lawyer’s Guide to Legal Periodicals
Wong, Glenn M.; Wilde, T. Jesse

2,709 newly indexed articles are now included in 2021:01 update
Eight new titles were added, including:

Papers of Sir William Johnson
14v. Albany: University of the State of New York, 1921-1965
Johnson, William

One title was updated and 111 new titles were added, including:

Case for the South
1v. New York: Devin-Adair Co., 1960
Workman, William D. Jr.

Ethics of Marriage
1v. New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1888
Pomeroy, H. S.

History of Trade Unionism in the United States
1v. New York: Augustus M. Kelley, Inc., 1950
Perlman, Selig

Men and Measures of Half a Century: Sketches and Comments
1v. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1888
McCulloch, Hugh

State: Elements of Historical and Practical Politics (rev. ed.)
1v. Boston: D. C. Heath & Co., 1889
Wilson, Woodrow

24 new titles were added, including:

Die Canones Hippolyti
1v. Leipzig: J.C. Hinrichs, 1891
Achelis, Hans

Lawyer Looks beyond the Law: Essays in Human Dignity
1v. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 1951

Rest Days: A Study in Early Law and Morality
1v. New York: Macmillan Company, 1916
Webster, Hutton

5 new titles were added, including:

Historie of Scotland
2v. Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1888-1895
Leslie, Jhone; et al.

Two new titles were added, including:

Course of the South to Secession: An Interpretation
1v. New York: D. Appleton-Century Company, 1939
Phillips, Ulrich Bonnell; Coulter, E. Merton, Editor

Two titles were updated and 21 new titles were added, including:

Butler’s Book: Autobiography and Personal Reminiscences of Major-General Benj. F. Butler, a Review of His Legal, Political, and Military Career
1v. Boston: A. M. Thayer & Co., 1892
Butler, Benjamin F.

George Washington: An Historical Biography
1v. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1889
Scudder, Horace E.

Introduction to American Law
1v. Cambridge: Dunster House, 1919
Pound, Roscoe

Men Who Lead Labor
1v. New York: Modern Age Books, Inc., 1937
Minton, Bruce; Stuart, John

Two titles were updated and 33 new titles were added, including:

National Revenues: A Collection of Papers by American Economists
1v. Chicago: A. C. McClurg & Company, 1888
Shaw, Albert, Editor

Wealth and Income of the People of the United States
1v. New York: MacMillan Company, 1915
King, Willford Isbell

There was a large update to the U.S. Congressional Documents database. See below for a breakdown:

  • 230 new congressional hearings
  • 272 new Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports
  • 24 new committee prints
  • 29 new congressional documents

Here are some notable titles:

Congressional Hearings

Examining the Federal Government’s Actions to Protect Workers from Covid-19: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixteenth Congress, Second Session
Washington, D.C.: U.S. G.P.O., 2021

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement: Hearing Before the Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate, One Hundred Sixteenth Congress, First Session
Washington, D.C.: U.S. G.P.O., 2021

Congressional Research Service Reports

COVID-19 Vaccination: Selected U.S. Data Sources (IN11595)
May 25, 2021
Cornell, Ada S.; Napili, Angela

Social Security Long-Range Projections: Why 75 Years? (IF11851)
June 11, 2021
Nuschler, Dawn

Committee Prints

Cost of Trump’s Foreign Policy: Damage and Consequences for U.S. and Global Security
1v. Washington, D.C.: U.S. G.P.O., 2021

The following title was added:

Legislative History of Balanced Budget Act of 1997: P.L. 105-33, 111 Stat. 251
26v. Washington, D.C.: Jones, Day, Reavis, & Pogue, 1997

Eight new titles were added, including:

Speeches of Benjamin Harrison, Twenty-Third President of the United States: A Complete Collection of His Public Addresses from February, 1888, to February, 1892
Hedges, Charles, Compiler

Washington as President
1v. Washington D.C.: George Washington Bicentennial Commission, 1931
Hart, Albert Bushnell; Matteson, David Maydole, Compiler

11 new titles were added, including:

America of the Fifties: Letters of Fredrika Bremer
1v. New York: American-Scandinavian Foundation, 1924
Bremer, Fredrika; Benson, Adolph B., Editor

Ethics of Marriage
1v. New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1888
Pomeroy, H. S.

17 new titles were added, including:

Constitutional History of British Guiana
1v. London: Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1937
Clementi, Cecil

Seven new titles were added, including:

Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton
24v. Washington, D.C.: U.S. G.P.O., 1999

But wait, there’s more! Access the comprehensive list of all new material added and updated in the June 2021 Content Release.

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