Meet Your HeinOnline Support Team!

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At the core of the Hein Company’s mission is our commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry. That’s why we have a Support Team of fast, dependable, and reliable individuals who are dedicated to providing high-quality care and support for our customers. Today we’ll introduce you to our team members, so you can get to know them a little better. Spoiler alert: they love animals!

The Support Team

Lauren Mattiuzzo

Marketing & HeinOnline Support Professional

Lauren has been with the Hein Company for 20 years. She currently acts as a lead member of the Marketing staff and also oversees the HeinOnline Support team. Lauren is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Some of her jobs include creating promotional and instructional videos, blogging, maintaining HeinOnline’s Twitter account, reviewing all customer support responses, and crafting promotional emails. When she is not chasing around her tiny humans, Lauren enjoys rooting on her favorite Buffalo sports teams, crushing a ride on her Peloton, cuddling her chiweenie Paco, and catching up on the latest true crime documentary with her husband. She is passionate about social justice and funfetti cake.

Lynne Zona

HeinOnline Customer Service & Sales Support Professional

Lynne has been with the Hein Company for more than 29 years. Starting off as a part-time employee while she went to school for travel and tourism management, Lynne never imagined Hein would be her lasting career. Some of her daily jobs include handling all agent and consortia-related inquiries, providing print and microfiche quotes, handling general sales and non-sales related inquires from customers, and live chatting with our customers who have HeinOnline related questions. When she’s not buzzing around the office, you can find Lynne watching her son play tennis or cheering on her daughter at a regatta. Her favorite time of the year is Fall, when she can spend her Sundays cooking and watching the Buffalo Bills.

Brandon Wiseman

HeinOnline Integration

Brandon has been with the Hein Company since 2004. Most of his job involves finalizing new content before it is added to HeinOnline each month. This includes integrating titles so that they are discoverable in our various search indexes. Some of these processes take several weeks, such as cite-counting for ScholarCheck used in author profile data. In fact, Brandon is our resident author profile expert! In addition to these various jobs, Brandon assists our Support Team in making various changes or corrections to our data. When he’s not hanging out with Paul, his beloved dog, Brandon can be found wood-working, golfing, or cooking (all things indoor and outdoor). His favorite bands are Mogwai and Trampled by Turtles.

Katie Haymes

Customer Service Professional

Katie has been with the Hein Company for more than 18 years. Straight out of college, she was referred to the Hein Company by her great aunt, Loretta Weisenburg, a staple here at Hein. Over the years, Katie has handled the billing for all print and online products. She spends her days assisting customers on the phone and via email regarding claims, orders, payments, questions, and comments. Recently, Katie joined our Support Team and fields live chats and calls throughout the day. She is always willing to learn new things and help out where she can. When Katie is not wearing one of her many hats here at the Company, you can find her with her husband at a local brewery patio soaking up the last few days of summer.

Katie Aquilina

HeinOnline Coordinator

Katie is the HeinOnline Production Coordinator and has been with the company for 10 years. She oversees the department that’s responsible for putting together the material that is searched and viewed in HeinOnline, from the entry of metadata to the testing of new content before it goes live to our customers. Katie has been collecting vinyl records for years (she loves heavy metal), is a coffee enthusiast, and her favorite type of penguin is the Rockhopper.

Stephanie Ruesch

HeinOnline Specialist

Stephanie has been with the Hein Company since 2012. She started her career working in the Check-in Department, preparing books to begin their journey from library shelf into a digital HeinOnline title. After many years in that role, she moved into the Publications Department, working in traditional print media, where she began to take on a more editorial role. Today, Stephanie is primarily involved in the development of new HeinOnline collections and in the improvement of existing collections. She writes both for the HeinOnline Blog and for the HeinOnline LibGuides platform, continues to work with traditional print publications, and is a member of the HeinOnline Support team. In her free time, Stephanie loves teaching her dog new tricks, snuggling her cat against her will, and is an avid trap shooter. She and her boyfriend are constantly looking forward to their next trip to Disney World.

Adam Tramp

IT & HeinOnline Technical Support Specialist

Adam has been with the Hein Company since 2010.  In addition to assisting with HeinOnline technical support, he provides internal hardware/software support for our company. Adam is responsible for maintaining the database which controls our customers’ access to HeinOnline.  He enjoys learning about new technology, and closely follows the cryptocurrency market. For fun, he watches football, plays Nintendo Switch, and watches YouTube with his kids. Adam also appreciates the beauty of perfect vacuum lines on carpet.

Breanne Callahan

Marketing Administrator

Breanne joined the Hein Marketing team in February of 2019. During the day, Breanne can be found planning and organizing all details related to tradeshows or conferences that our sales team attends, creating new marketing pieces for our ever-growing collections, maintaining HeinOnline’s Facebook account, and responding to customer’s emails, calls, and chats. Outside of Hein, Breanne is a Disney fanatic and a dedicated dog mom to Theo. In her spare time, she can be found baking, crafting, kickboxing, and relaxing with her husband, typically while drinking a Starbucks Refresher!

Sheila Jarrett

Senior Editor, Publications

Sheila has been with Hein for decades, as an editor on the Publications team. She enjoys all the facets of her job, including working with authors, project management, and turning a manuscript into a book. Sheila is mom to two amazing grown daughters, and her granddaughter is the best blessing imaginable! She’s done some exciting things over the years, including white-water rafting, hot air ballooning and crewing, and skydiving. These days Sheila stays closer to home with her cats, Annie, Guster and Shawn, enjoying the Colorado weather and views.

Support Resources

Outside of our dedicated Support Team who handles our live chat and phone calls, we have other resources to assist customers with searching and navigating our database.


HeinOnline LibGuides are a great way to learn more about database content and interface functionality.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is full-text searchable and includes articles and videos on how to search and navigate HeinOnline.


Find short how-to videos, general searching and navigating videos, as well as other useful tips and tricks for using HeinOnline!

Live Training

HeinOnline’s support specialists provide customer training and product demos via a live web conference.

Customer Suggestions

We love to hear from our customers. Many of our customer suggestions turn into new features or tools in HeinOnline! Whether you have a video suggestion, blog post idea, or general feedback, feel free to reach out to us via email or social media!

You can find us on TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagram, and  LinkedIn!

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