Breaking News: The Law Journal Library Now Holds More Than 3,000 Journals!

Exploring HeinOnline, Law Journal Library
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HeinOnline’s signature collection, the Law Journal Library, has officially surpassed 3,000 journals with the addition of six new journals last month! Yes, you read that right. 3,000+ journals, all dating back to the first issue ever published.

While it was initially labeled the “Law” Journal Library, for the content it originally contained, this small collection of 23 law reviews has grown into a multidisciplinary journal powerhouse spanning more than 41 million pages. It covers journals published in more than 60 different countries and encompasses more than 1,500 research topics.

But that’s not all. This database comes equipped with artificial intelligence tools, visual aids, and more. Keep reading to make sure you’re making the most of this robust platform.

Tools and Features

Before you jump into the tens of millions of pages of content, familiarize yourself with these unique database tools that will make research a breeze.

Artificial Intelligence and Visual Aids


Subjects are even more intuitive, discoverable, and user friendly with the Law Journal Library’s multi-level taxonomy.

More Like This

Find articles similar to the one you’re viewing using AI tools that locate “interesting words” and analyze the article’s text.

Keyword Search Builder

Use artificial intelligence to construct your own search, including the ability to add weight by the boosting of certain terms.

Venn Diagram Search

This tool allows researchers to visualize the results of various keyword combinations to better refine their searches.

Finding and Citing Authoritative Work


ScholarCheck analyzes citation data to provide the most-cited journals, articles, and authors and aides researchers in quickly locating related material.

Author Profile Pages

Learn more about an author by browsing their scholarly work and reviewing their scholarly impact ranking. Set up author alerts to stay in the know.


Use the Citation Format Guide to easily pull up a journal’s proper citation, or select from one of our eight citation formats when viewing a document.


Entity Facets

Are you researching a certain place, person, or other entity? Refine search results by entities, such as mentioned locations, people, or organizations.

Availability Facet

More than 90% of journals are available to the current issue or volume. Refine your results to see Indexed only or Full Text options.

Language Facet

Refine your search results by language. This new tool is useful for users who are looking for journals written primarily in a specific language.

We’ve Got Friends in All Places

We’ve integrated with several research platforms and partnered with prestigious vendors to make the Law Journal Library platform the best it can be. Let’s explore some of the additions we’ve included over the years.

  • Connector.

    Courtroom Insight: More than 6,300 HeinOnline authors have been identified as expert witnesses from Courtroom Insight’s directory. With this integration, users can seamlessly link between platforms to learn more about an author’s area of expertise.

  • Connector.

    ORCID: Connecting your ORCID iD to HeinOnline allows you to display your unique research identifier on your HeinOnline author profile page, display your HeinOnline works on your ORCID record, and include a listing of your ORCID works directly on HeinOnlne’s interface.

  • Connector.

    NoodleTools: Providing users with an essential thinking space, this resource allows researchers at any level to organize sources, notes, and new ideas in one place. Easily export citations from HeinOnline right into NoodleTools to organize your sources and more.

  • Connector.

    PowerNotes: HeinOnline is configured to integrate with the PowerNotes Chrome extension. Known for its powerful notetaking functionality, this integration allows HeinOnline researchers to write well-supported, well-organized papers by leveraging the power of both platforms.

  • Connector.

    Google Scholar: Did you know that all 3,000+ journals in HeinOnline are indexed in Google Scholar? What’s more, we expanded our existing relationship with Google Scholar to include Campus-Activated Subscribers Access, otherwise known as CASA. CASA allows off-campus and mobile users to access HeinOnline seamlessly, exactly as though the user is on-campus.

  • Connector.

    Publishers: In addition to hosting a number of academic journals, the Law Journal Library actually contains commercial content as well. Check out just a few of the publishers with whom we partner:

Law Journal LibGuide

Want to learn even more about the Law Journal Library? Dive into the dedicated LibGuide that includes an overview of content, tools, search tips, and interface navigation.

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