New Database: Air and Space Law

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We are excited to unveil our newest database, Air and Space Law! HeinOnline’s Air and Space Law database illustrates the history of air and spaceflight through the programs and people that made these dreams possible. Through the collection, users will see how governments and regulators reacted to new technologies, the accidents and disasters that prompted reform, and the new frontiers that await as technology advances at an improbable speed. Watch this short video, or keep reading to learn about the unique content discoverable in this subject-specific database.

Understanding Air and Space Law

Air and space law refers to the legislation that regulates flight. Humankind has always dreamed of flying. But it wasn’t until 1783, when the French Montgolfier brothers launched the first hot air balloon, that the dream of flight suddenly became a tangible possibility. Hot air balloons led to airships, gliders, and eventually airplanes, with the Wright brothers successfully launching the first plane in 1903. Ever since, the possibilities to travel among the clouds have continuously expanded, and today humans fly around the globe every day.

But what of the stars? While it had taken humans centuries to learn to fly, it would take only decades for them to launch into space. Realistic proposals for methods of spaceflight date back to 1903, while the German V-2 ballistic missile was the first object to travel into space in 1944. The Soviets launched the first satellite, Sputnik 1, in 1957, initiating the Space Race between the United States and the USSR. In 1969, the U.S. successfully landed the first humans on the moon. Today, focus has expanded to exploring other realms of space, with commercial companies complementing government space programs in the hopes of one day making space travel accessible to the paying public.

About the Air and Space Law Database

HeinOnline’s Air and Space Law is a collection of books, documents, reports, and more illustrating the multitude of ways humans interact with and explore the earthly skies and distant reaches of outer space.

Subject-Coded Content

HeinOnline editors have analyzed and subject-coded every title in this collection, creating and assigning 29 unique subjects to help users find material most relevant to their research. Further categorizing the content, this entire collection is organized by Outer Space and Suborbital Space, separating titles dealing with matters on celestial bodies (Outer Space) from those concerned with earthbound air travel (Suborbital Space).

Subject areas include:

  • Aerospace Technology
  • Airline and Air Transport
  • Drones
  • Environmental Impact of Aviation
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • International Cooperation in Space
  • Military Aviation
  • Military in Space
  • NASA
  • Pioneers in Flight
  • Race to the Moon
  • Space and National Security
  • Space Exportation
  • And much more!

Content in this collection has been organized into 19 tabs to help researchers target their research between suborbital space and orbital space. Find documents for both in all of the following categories:


Browse hundreds of books ranging in date from the early 1900s to present day. Find accounts of the Wright Brothers’ flights, stories of Russian cosmonauts, treatises on aerial warfare, monographs on the business aspects of aviation, and more.

Government Documents

Access thousands of government documents covering a diverse range of topics, including FAA spending, TSA screening procedures, NASA, satellites and more! Peruse through committee prints, congressional hearings, CRS and GAO reports, and CFR and U.S. Code references.

Legislative Histories

Discover the journey of a bill as it becomes a law, with all its changes, additions, deletions, and various legislative hurdles, in more than 50 legislative histories related to suborbital and orbital space.

Serials and Scholarly Articles

Browse serials dedicated to aviation and space matters, and access hundreds of articles selected by our editors on the Warsaw Convention, agreements in outer space, drones, space tourism, and more!

Air and Space Law LibGuide

Check out our dedicated LibGuide to learn more about the Suborbital Space and Outer Space organization, searching tips and tricks, and additional resources available to extend your knowlege outside of HeinOnline.

picture of Libguide

Not Subscribed?

Contact your sales representative or our Marketing department to request a quote. Do you already subscribe to McGill Institute of Air and Space Law Publications? If so, be sure to ask us about our 25% discount!

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