The 101 on Author Profile Pages and Scholarly Analysis

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This past September it was announced that U.S. News & World Report will not be proceeding with a scholarly impact ranking for law schools. We appreciate all the hard work and time librarians spent curating and editing their faculty’s Author Profile Pages within HeinOnline. Although U.S. News will not be releasing a new ranking, we continue to be committed to quality control and preserving the integrity of our data, including citation counts. Author Profile Pages provide a wealth of data, which is why we are considering enhancing our scholarly analysis next Fall.

Author Profile Page Features

Author Profile Pages are an excellent way to showcase, promote, and contextualize the scholarly work of individual authors throughout HeinOnline. When an author is identified and attributed to a HeinOnline work, an Author Profile Page is automatically created for that individual. The page displays a list of that author’s works as well as their ScholarRank statistics—their scholarly impact ranking, based on a number of factors and relative to other authors in HeinOnline.

image of an author profile page

Let’s take a closer look at all the features available within author profile pages, and what they have to offer.

image of a pen

Discover Authors

Access a dedicated landing page for any author in HeinOnline, which can be enhanced to include a photo, biography, and more.

image of a book

Browse Works

Browse a regularly updated list of works by any author in HeinOnline, and link directly to the image-based PDF of those works.

picture of statistics

Analyze Statistics

See how an author’s citation and other data compares to other authors in HeinOnline with our unique ScholarRank feature.

icon of people

See Contextual Information

Dive into the context of a particular author with the interactive flowchart available with our Explore This Author tool.

icon of a bell

Set up Author Alerts

Receive a variety of email alerts relating to an author, including for when new material by that author is added to HeinOnline.

icon of an expert

Identify Expert Witnesses

With Courtroom Insight integration, more than 6,300 HeinOnline authors have been identified as expert witnesses.

icon showing integration

ORCID Integration

Link your ORCID profile to include a bidirectional link on both platforms, including the ability to display scholarly works in both places.

icon of a CSV download file

Institutional Metrics

Download a CSV of ScholarCheck metrics for all enhanced profiles for an entire institution with the ability to sort and filter data.

icon of an edit button

Author Admin Portal

Edit your enhanced author profile page using your MyHein account. Update your biography, personal information, biography, and more.

icon for an admin

Institutional Admin Rights

Become an administrator to gain access to all enhanced author profiles for your institution, and edit profiles right within your MyHein account.

About HeinOnline’s Scholarly Analysis

While an author’s ScholarRank and ScholarCheck metrics can be found directly on their author profile page, we also offer a section within the Law Journal Library where users can find even more analysis. Navigate to the Most-Cited browse by option to see the most-cited authors, articles, and journals.

What’s more, using ScholarRank, an overall ranking based on the calculation of five ScholarCheck metrics, we rank the top 250 authors, top 250 articles and top 250 journals in HeinOnline.

most-cited browse by option

We are considering expanding our scholarly analysis in the upcoming months. This potential analysis would use a new algorithm developed internally and allow users to compare authors across a variety of metrics, such as subjects. Since we are still in the beginning stages of scoping out this project, be sure to stay tuned to the HeinOnline Blog for any updates.

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