What Is HeinOnline’s Current Content Online Subscription Model?

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Did you know that with HeinOnline’s Current Content Online Subscription Model, you can unlock the latest issues of your favorite journals from prestigious publishers?

All of the 3,000+ journals in HeinOnline date back to inception, and 90% include coverage to the current issue or volume with no delay. In addition to hosting many academic journals, we also partner with several publishers to provide commercial content. Due to publishing agreements, a small percentage of journals include an embargo on current volumes. That’s why HeinOnline has partnered with major publishers to offer unlocked content packages for journals that have an embargo on recent issues.

Check out the video below to learn more about our current content options!

American Bar Association logo

ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals

Institute of Art & Law logo

Art Antiquity and Law

Brill Nijhoff logo

Brill Nijhoff Journals & Yearbook Collection

Buddhism, Law & Society logo

Buddhism, Law & Society

CILP logo

Current Index to Legal Periodicals

Edward Elgar Publishing logo

Edward Elgar Publishing Law Package

Hackney Publications logo

Hackney Publications

McGill Institute and Centre of Air and Space Law logo

McGill Institute of Air and Space Law Publications

Paris Legal Publishers logo

Paris Legal Publishers Package

Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases logo

Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases

Sage Publishing logo

SAGE Journals

Additional Current Content Subscription Options

Unlock the Latest Content from Your Favorite Journals Today

Learn more about our current content subscription options and contact our Marketing Team to get started subscribing to the newest issues of prestigious journals. Never miss out on the latest from your favorite publishers again!

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