Water Rights & Resources: Making a Splash


Last September, we announced our newest database, Water Rights & Resources, and since then this specialized database has been making a splash. Recently, Florida International University Librarian Gricel Dominguez broke down the content, usability, and pricing for this database in the Library Journal.

VERDICT HeinOnline’s Water Rights & Resources collection provides access to thousands of U.S. legal, federal, and state documents from one easy-to-use database. For both students and legal scholars, the collection is highly browsable and intuitive to search, reducing the challenges involved in accessing legal documents in print. The accompanying LibGuide provides valuable insight into the subjects and documents available, augmenting use of the collection. An excellent resource for legal and environmental studies, as well as political science, U.S. history, and related subjects.
Gricel Dominguez, Academic Librarian

About the Water Rights & Resources Database

For those of us who take for granted the ready availability of water flowing from our taps, the concept of water rights may seem strange or confusing. Water rights refers to the right of a user to access water from a particular source. It is one component of the complex network of water laws that address a multitude of facets over water at both the state and federal level. In the United States, water law focuses on both water use and protection.

HeinOnline’s Water Rights & Resources is an affordable, comprehensive, and timely collection that is dedicated to understanding the complex interplay of state and federal laws that govern all aspects of water in society, from municipal use to restoring its pristine condition. Collecting congressional documents, books, legislative histories on major legislation, and Supreme Court briefs on related cases, this database touches on a wide range of water issues, including irrigation, hydropower, riparian rights, water conservation, drinking water quality, and tribal water rights, encompassing the unique water rights issues that span from the Eastern seaboard to the Great Lakes and across the arid West. In the face of so much uncertainty, water rights and how to use our water resources becomes even more vital to understand.

Highly Editorialized
Most-Relevant and -Cited Articles
Timely Resource
100% Subject-Coded
Hundreds of Related Books
Incredibly Affordable
Updated Regularly
Thousands of Government Documents
One-Time Payment; No Subscription!

Subject-Coded Content for Simplified Searching

To help users navigate the content spanning this extensive database, HeinOnline editors have created 16 new subjects. Explore these new subjects and their scope below:

To learn even more about this timely database, check out the short video below.

Water Rights & Resources LibGuide

Learn more about water rights, including noteworthy titles found within the database with our dedicated LibGuide. Check out our searching tips and tricks to learn how to effectively navigate the collection. Don’t forget to peruse the additional resources to continue to educate yourself on this timely subject.

image of Water Rights & Resources libguide

Pricing Information

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Current HeinOnline Core Package Subscribers:

One-time payment of $495.00

(no annual renewal fee)

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First-year payment of $495.00

(annual renewal fee of $95.00)

Want to Share Your Resources? You Shore Can!

If you share our passion for preserving and protecting water resources, we welcome any contributions to our collection. If you are interested in donating resources to help enhance the database, email Chris Czopp at cczopp@wshein.com.

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