New Year, New You: Get Organized in 2020 with HeinOnline!

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

The new year is the perfect time to reflect on your goals in life and work towards them. It’s that time of the year which reminds us all that even though we may not have accomplished everything we wanted in 2019, there are 365 days to do something different and better in 2020. Be it switching to a healthier lifestyle, eliminating vices, or becoming more organized—the new year is full of opportunities. HeinOnline is here to help better the new you! We’re going to highlight all the ways to stay organized with your research in the new year. So break out that brand-new, crisp notebook and jot down some of these tips…

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HeinOnline Branding Update: Logos Return to Welcome Page!

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Back by popular demand, institutional logos are now available on HeinOnline welcome pages for all branded accounts! If you haven’t taken advantage of this incredibly helpful feature, this blog explains how to set up account branding and the valuable features associated with it. On any given day you may have hundreds of users access your organization’s subscription to HeinOnline. However, many of them may not understand that this valuable resource is being made available with support and funding from your organization. Communicating this information to users is simple and effective with HeinOnline branding.

What Are the Advantages of Branding…

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8 Helpful Resources for Librarians

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Benjamin Boron

At HeinOnline, we understand that librarians are constantly adjusting to technical changes as they perform and assist with a multitude of research endeavors across several databases.

Last fall, we updated our interface. The appearance was streamlined, and new tools were created for a more user-friendly research experience. As a result, we’ve created many new help resources. The following is a snapshot of various resources we offer for librarians, as well as help materials available for both new and experienced HeinOnline users to get the most from their subscriptions.

1.) Librarian Guide Information Sheet

Do your University’s LibGuides mention HeinOnline? If so, we’ve made a short guide containing a general database description as well as information on how to obtain up-to-date descriptions of individual HeinOnline collections…

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Are You Taking Advantage of HeinOnline Branding?

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Shannon Furtak

Branding your HeinOnline account is free and allows you to display your logo on the HeinOnline Welcome Page with custom links to your online catalog, help desk or other frequently utilized resources. We have also added the capability to change the default language used for your account to Spanish through branding.


Branding also offers the option of linking to your library’s catalog for law reviews that are embargoed in HeinOnline by enabling ISSN and/or OpenURL link resolvers. If we cannot provide the full text of an article, this linking will help your users determine if material is available elsewhere in your library.




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New Option Available for e-TOC Alerts!

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Shannon Furtak

If you're already taking advantage of or you plan to set up HeinOnline branding, we have a new enhancement available that will increase the functionality of the e-TOC alerts currently available to users of the MyHein feature in HeinOnline.

If you use a proxy and provide us the prefix and (if necessary) the suffix to your proxy URL on your branding request, we can create proxy links in e-TOC alert e-mails. This will enable users accessing remotely via a proxy server to simply click on the link to access the material, instead of being redirected to the HeinOnline login page. The e-mail received containing the e-TOC alerts would now look like this:

The direct link will work from any IP authenticated system…

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Boalt Express Links Added to HeinOnline Branding Options

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Miranda Rosati

Boalt Express Links Now Available as Branding Option in HeinOnline’s Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

Link to Berkeley Law Library to purchase articles indexed by IFLP

As an extension of Branding, we have added the option to add Boalt Express Links to your search results in HeinOnline’s Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. Boalt Express is an information delivery service operated as part of the Berkeley Law Library. It is a non-profit fee-based resource that offers extended service to the legal community outside of Berkeley. Boalt Express provides full coverage of every article indexed by Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, and offers the option to purchase the article indexed if your library or organization does not have access to the journal in which the article resides…

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OpenURL Linking Added to Branding Options

Branding, Enhancements
Miranda Rosati

We have added the option to add OpenURL linking to your HeinOnline Branding. If your library has OpenURL linking integrated into your library management system, you should definitely take advantage of this new capability!

OpenURL linking in HeinOnline will function similar to ISSN/ISBN linking, but it has the ability to take you directly to the article within a resource, while the ISSN/ISBN will take you to the catalog entry of the title within a schools catalog.

Click here to request Branding for your account.

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