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Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Tools in HeinOnline: Part 2

Last month, new natural language processing and machine learning tools were released in beta format in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library. This blog post described the More Like This tool and new topic and entity application. This month, additional features using these concepts are available.

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New Catalog Feature in HeinOnline!

Thousands of catalog subjects are now browsable in HeinOnline. The Subjects tool can be found under the Catalog tab within any database. This subject coding is at the title level and can be used to browse subjects and look for documents on a specific subject.

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New Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Tools in HeinOnline

HeinOnline has just begun to work on new research tools and concepts that will help both novice and experienced researchers make the most of its content by using natural language processing and machine learning tools, combined with custom concepts specific to HeinOnline.

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Comprehensive Search Results in HeinOnline Just Got Better

HeinOnline has always offered comprehensive search results. Results never max out, regardless of the search parameters. The incredibly broad search law from within the Law Journal Library produces more than 1.8 million results.

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New Off-Campus Access Login

HeinOnline is pleased to announce our new off-campus access login option. To make HeinOnline easily accessible for students and faculty, we are now offering a menu on our login page where users may select their college or university, which will then direct them to the proxy login area.