Helpful Resources for Law Students

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Shannon Furtak

The beginning of September means that most law students are either heading back to class, or beginning their legal studies. The law school workload is undeniably intense, and HeinOnline is here to help. In addition to being the world's largest image-based government document and legal research database, HeinOnline also features fully searchable content and a wealth of tools to improve the legal research experience. It's a favorite resource among law librarians, professors, students, and other legal professionals. The following is just a snapshot of the various help materials available to all HeinOnline users.

1. HeinOnline's Help Video Series

In order to make HeinOnline even more user-friendly, a series of videos has been created highlighting major features and areas of the database…

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Cite-Check in Seconds with HeinOnline

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Shannon Furtak

For law review associates, cite-checking is one of the most tedious parts of the law school experience. Luckily, HeinOnline long ago made it a goal to improve the legal research process for everyone, including law students.

In the past, cite-checking meant hours in a library, slowly and methodically retrieving print copies of journals, the United States Code, United States Reports, and more. From there, cite-checkers would locate each corresponding passage of text to ensure that all material was quoted, analyzed, and cited correctly. Today, HeinOnline's image-based, fully searchable content makes it possible to easily verify cited material from wherever you are.

Having HeinOnline is like having an entire print library at your fingertips…

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Two Major HeinOnline Enhancements

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Shannon Furtak

November’s content release is available in HeinOnline, and we’re excited to announce two new features!

Page Scrolling

Our users asked for it, and our developers have now integrated page scrolling into HeinOnline! From any page view screen, simply use your mouse’s scroll wheel to scroll through the document:

Users can continue to use the arrows both above and below the page image, as well as the keyboard’s arrow keys, to page through material in HeinOnline. The highlighted section indicator will move with you as you scroll or page through documents.
New Citation Feature

Click the Cite button located above the Table of Contents to retrieve multiple citation formats for a document:

Users can copy and paste the citation information…

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Cite Checking in HeinOnline

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Benjamin Boron

In December of 2013, HeinOnline partnered with Fastcase to bring case law to HeinOnline subscribers free of charge! Because of this partnership, HeinOnline users have access to additional primary research sources, and are able to use both primary and secondary research materials without leaving the database.

Case law powered by Fastcase includes access to Fastcase's negative treatment indicator, called Bad Law Bot. This indicator displays a red flag on cases that courts have treated negatively (i.e., reversed or overruled on any grounds):

For users who have synchronized their existing Fastcase accounts with HeinOnline, or have upgraded their subscription to include Fastcase Premium

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