National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) is Now Available!

Content News, NCCUSL

HeinOnline is pleased to offer a new a-la-carte library, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL)! With the NCCUSL collection you can access and search the full text of all Model Acts drafted, recommended or endorsed by the Conference. The source of more than 250 uniform acts, the NCCUSL has drafted and proposed acts in subject areas such as commercial law, real estate, alternate dispute resolution, domestic relations law, and more.

The NCCUSL in HeinOnline contains the following titles:

  • National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws – Archive Publications
  • Handbook of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and Proceedings of the Annual Conference Meeting…

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HeinOnline's United Nations Law Collection is Now Available!

Content News, United Nations

Through an arrangement with the United Nations, HeinOnline is pleased to introduce its latest addition, the United Nations Law Collection. The United Nations Law Collection presents exact reproductions of major United Nations legal publications, including the complete collection of the United Nations Treaty Series, the Statement of Treaties and International Agreements, International Court of Justice, Reports of Judgments Advisory Opinions and Orders, Reports of International Arbitral Awards and more!

HeinOnline’s United Nations Law Collection provides convenient finding aids accessible directly from HeinOnline’s United Nations Landing Page. The finding aids will allow you to:

  • Pull up the full text of a United Nations Treaty by inserting the UNTS citation.
  • Search for a United Nations Treaty by treaty/registration number…

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HeinOnline completes the Congressional Record and continues to grow its collection of Government Documents!

Content News, Government Documents, Miscellaneous, News, U.S. Congressional Documents

HeinOnline announced in June it’s completion of the entire back file of the Congressional Record, making us the first and only online database to contain the complete Congressional Record Bound Volumes! Our efforts to close that gap were only part of our ongoing initiative to further advance the material available in our collection of Government Documents. We also recently announced our plans to fill the gap in the CFR, While HeinOnline is known for making the titles in our Law Journal collection available from inception, we are growing to become a valuable resource for many legal research needs including the need to search across various federal government documents.

Galen Fletcher, Faculty Services Librarian at Brigham Young University recently published an article in Jurisdocs…

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Subject Compilations of State Laws – Now Available in HeinOnline!

Content News, Subject Compilations of State Laws

Have you seen HeinOnline’s hottest new product? We have partnered with Cheryl Nyberg and Carol Boast to bring the Subject Compilations of State Laws to you for the first time in a searchable, online database.

Imagine being able to search for state surveys on adoption and seeing the entries from 2008 all the way back to 1979. You can do this all with one click, no flipping through pages, or browsing multiple volumes. It’s that easy!

HeinOnline’s Subject Compilations of State Laws database is searchable. You can search across a specific subject, by entry number, journal title, article title, court and more! Gone are the days of sifting through multiple volumes to find surveys on abortion or data security breaches…

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We're Filling the Gap in the CFR in HeinOnline!

CFR, Content News

Many of you have been asking what our plan is to fill the gap in the CFR in HeinOnline. Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to share our plans with all of you. We are currently working on completing the gap from 1989-2001. One year of CFR is being added to HeinOnline each month. We are alternating between updating the beginning and the end of the gap each month. For example, in August we are adding 2001 to HeinOnline. In September, we will go back and add 1989. Once this gap is closed, we will have completed the CFR and will contain the complete CFR in HeinOnline.

Recently, at AALL, we distributed a Collection Development Survey to begin gathering feedback regarding the delivery of upcoming content…

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Cheryl Nyberg & Carol Boast's Subject Compilations of State Laws – Coming Soon to HeinOnline!

Content News, News, Subject Compilations of State Laws

Want to know which states have laws on data security breaches, or how states’ laws on stalking compare? If so, Cheryl Nyberg and Carol Boast’s Subject Compilations of State Laws is the place to start.

Hundreds of law libraries around the country subscribe to the bound volumes of the series. Now, for the first time, a comprehensive searchable database of the entire set will be available in HeinOnline. This database contains references to more than 17,000 sources of 50-state surveys published in law review articles, books, court briefs and opinions, federal and state government publications, and loose-leaf services. Researchers will have the ability to search all 25 volumes in one place and link directly to journals found within HeinOnline…

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Recap of May's Content Release: New Content & Improved Features

Content News, Enhancements

What can you expect with today’s monthly content release? We are releasing 800,000+ pages of new content, bringing HeinOnline to more than 38 million pages! We added 99 new World Trials and 23 new Legal Classics titles this month. Also, Statutes of the Realm, volumes 1-11 (1225-1713) are now available in the English Reports library. New additions to the Law Journal Library include Criminal Law Quarterly, volumes 1-49 (1958-2005) and Taxes: The Tax Magazine, volumes 1-82 (1923-2004). For a complete recap of content released this month, click here.

In addition to the new content released, we also released improvements to some of HeinOnline’s features, as outlined below.

Searchable PDF’s:
The following libraries have been converted to searchable PDF’s: English Reports…

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Congressional Record to be Completed by End of June

Content News, U.S. Congressional Documents

With only 24 volumes left to be added to HeinOnline, we are pleased to announce that the Congressional Record bound volumes will be completed by the end of June! This is a tremendous effort and we are very excited to be able to offer this to you. For the first time ever, you will have access to the complete printed chronicle of debates, proceedings and speeches of the United States Congress dating back to its first year of publication in 1873. We are proud to announce that this is something that only HeinOnline currently offers the legal research community. You will be able to access the complete and accurate accounts of congressional matters for the last 135 years!

Click here for more information about the Congressional Documents collection…

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MPEP, Full Coverage Now Available in HeinOnline

Content News, MPEP

We are pleased to announce that HeinOnline now offers complete coverage of the MPEP, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure. This can be found in the Intellectual Property Law Journal Library, or it can be accessed from your list of subscribed libraries.

We would like to give a special Thank You to all of you who supported this effort through your contribution of materials. It is with your tremendous help that we were able to fill in the gaps and are now able to offer it in it’s entirety in HeinOnline.

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HeinOnline Law Journals Are Being Indexed by Google Scholar

Content News, Searching

It’s no secret! As Due Process, WisBlawg and ZiefBrief have all reported, Google Scholar is indexing the Law Journals in HeinOnline to make the more than 1,100 titles searchable in the Google Scholar interface. The indexing is still ongoing, as Google Scholar has not fully indexed all of the titles in the Law Journal Collection as of yet. Over the next 30 days or so they should near completion of the indexing at which point the entire HeinOnline Law Journal collection will be searchable in Google Scholar.

So how does it work? Go to Google Scholar and search for a Law Journal or an article name from within a Law Journal…

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