HeinOnline's World Treaty Library Now Available!

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline is changing Treaty Research forever with the World Treaty Library – a monumental collection of all major treaty sets now available in one easy-to-use, fully searchable database! This library includes Rohn's World Treaty Index, Marten's Treaties, Wiktor's Multilateral Treaty Calendar, Dumont's Corps Universel Diplomatique du Droit des Gens, the U.S. Treaties and Agreements collection, access to all United Nations Treaty Publications, and more!

This is the richest collection of world treaties ever available, covering the time period 1648 to the present. Through in-depth indexing of all the treaties and cross-citation linking, we have created a powerhouse search tool. Search for treaties by keyword, country…

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Check out Congressional Committee Prints in HeinOnline!

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Shannon Furtak

Congressional Committee Prints are publications issued by Congressional committees that pertain to their legislative or research activities as well as other matters – such as memorial tributes. The prints contain statistical and historical information and are an excellent resource for researchers analyzing legislative history or legislative intent. Categories of these Committee Prints include draft reports and bills, directories, statistical materials, investigative and historical reports, situational studies, confidential staff reports, hearings, and legislative analyses. Procedures for publishing these prints differ with each committee, and formatting isn't uniform. Also, these prints are not part of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, as documents in the Serial Set come from the Senate and House of Representatives as a whole…

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New Content: HeinOnline has Added the Tax Foundation Archive Publications!

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Shannon Furtak

The complete archive of the publications of the Tax Foundation are now available in an easy-to-use, fully searchable format in HeinOnline. The Tax Foundation, founded in 1937, collects data and publishes research studies on tax policies at both the federal and state levels.

Many of the titles that are now readily available and easily accessible in HeinOnline have long been out-of-print, and others are still being published today. For researchers interested in taxation, fiscal policy, and finance, the Foundation's archive will prove to be an extremely valuable research collection!

This collection, which is now included with a subscription to Taxation and Economic Reform in America Parts I & II

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Official Gazettes of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Available in HeinOnline's Intellectual Property Law Collection!

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Shannon Furtak

Where can a researcher find the Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Patents or Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Trademarks? HeinOnline's Intellectual Property Law Collection now contains access to the full run of both Official Gazettes, which began as the Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office and in 1971 separated into two Gazettes with categories of Trademarks and Patents. Effective with the May 2014 content release, HeinOnline now includes the full archives of both sets!

The Official Gazette: Trademarks print version ceased in December of 2012 but continues to be published electronically…

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CRS Reports in HeinOnline

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Shannon Furtak

The Congressional Research Service is a division of the Library of Congress responsible for conducting research and analyses on a wide range of national policy issues, ultimately generating reports of their findings.  While there is not currently one comprehensive source for all Congressional Research Service Reports, HeinOnline has accumulated a  collection of over 880 reports.

CRS Reports are located in both the Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II and History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III libraries. From either library's homepage, you will find collections of these reports in the list of available titles:

Click here to view the taxation CRS Reports…

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Most-Cited Authors – 2013 Edition

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Miranda Rosati

Here are the most-cited authors in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library as of today, November 19, 2013. This analysis was run over the more than 1,800 legal periodicals available in the Law Journal Library. The figures are calculated based on Bluebook citation analysis across all of the title available in HeinOnline and are updated on a monthly basis. This information can also be found at any time inside the Law Journal Library at the browsing level.

  1. Sunstein, Cass R. (257 articles) Cited by 19405 articles
  2. Posner, Richard A. (259 articles) Cited by 18026 articles
  3. Easterbrook, Frank H. (99 articles) Cited by 10195 articles
  4. Epstein…

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Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S. – Now Available as an A-La-Carte Library!

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Jackie Stanley

This new a-la-carte library is a compilation of the most important historical documents and legislation related to immigration in the United States as well as current hearings, debates and recent developments in immigration law. This is the first comprehensive database of its kind in a fully searchable format!

View Board of Immigration Appeals Precedent Decisions, legislative histories, law and policy titles, extradition titles, scholarly articles, an extensive bibliography, and other related works. Presented in HeinOnline’s research platform, the functionality of this collection will allow you to easily browse and search these different sections covering immigration law & policy in the United States all in one place!

View the complete brochure or View the official announcement

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September Content Release

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Miranda Rosati

Below is a snapshot of the September Content Release featured in HeinOnline’s September Newsletter:

  • 36 libraries updated
  • 10 new titles added to the Law Journal Library, including:
  • Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD Journal)
  • New England Journal of International and Comparative Law
  • Tulane Law School Annual Institute on Federal Taxation
  • Giornale di Storia Costituzionale
  • Global Business Law Review
  • Banking Law Journal coverage expanded to v.81-125 (1964-2008) including indexing of v. 126-128 (2009-2011)
  • Official U.S. Bulletin (predecessor to Federal Register) added to Federal Register Library
  • Digest of United States Practice in International Law 1989-2011 added to Foreign & International Law Resources Database
  • Reports of Cases Decided in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court Appellate Division Reports 1st Series…
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    July Content Release

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    Miranda Rosati

    Below is a snapshot of the July Content Release featured in HeinOnline’s July Newsletter:

    • 9 new journals added and 233 journals updated in the Law Journal Library. Notable new journals include: Trusts & Estates, Regulation (Cato Institute), Cato Law Journal, Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal, Journal of Law & Social Deviance, European Tax Studies, DePaul Journal of Women, Gender, and the Law
    • New bar journal, Iowa Lawyer, now available in the Bar Journals Library, along with 25 bar journals updated
    • Nearly 300 U.S. Congressional Hearings added to U.S…

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    History of Supreme Court Nominations – Now Available!

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    Miranda Rosati

    New a-la-carte library in HeinOnline!

    We are pleased to announce History of Supreme Court Nominations is now available as an a-la-carte library in HeinOnline. This new collection brings together hundreds of articles, hearings, documents, and titles to create a historical database of some of the most influential Supreme Court Justices to serve in the United States.

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