Researching the Facts About Police Brutality and Racial Disparity

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In the past week, peaceful protests, violent riots, and spontaneous looting have erupted across the United States in the name of George Floyd, a black man who recently died following an altercation with the police. Many engaging in these both lawful and unlawful protests do so to stand against police brutality and to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Racial disparity in the use of lethal force by law enforcement has been a recurring point of contention for the United States. Before diving into this recent development, read up on the hot topic in this previous blog post.

The Death of George Floyd


On May 25…

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Major HeinOnline Database Revamp! Introducing Criminal Justice & Criminology

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Tara Kibler

We’ve got some big news! Take a deep breath, make sure you’re sitting down, and set any food or drinks aside to avoid inevitable spillage. All set? Okay, here goes.

For the past few months, the HeinOnline production team has been working tirelessly to incorporate a massive update into one of our most popular databases, Criminal Justice in America: U.S. Attorney General Opinions, Reports and Publications. In doing so, HeinOnline has effectively added more than 2 million (yes, million) pages of new criminal justice and criminology content to the already-authoritative database, including more than 100 periodicals on the subject.

We didn’t want to just throw a content update of this magnitude into an existing database without warning…

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Criminal Justice in America: U.S. Attorney General Database has Been Expanded, Categorized and Re-Named

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Shannon Furtak

It’s hard to believe that HeinOnline turned 17 years old in May. In our continued efforts to enhance our users’ research experiences, we often evaluate and add content to existing resources. Occasionally, the nature of the material added warrants content rearrangement. If enough content has been added to change the scope of the entire collection, the collection may be re-named to appropriately represent the material included within it.

The U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection has officially been renamed Criminal Justice in America: U.S Attorney General Opinions, Reports, and Publications. Since its release in January of 2006, the content included in this collection has expanded significantly: the title count has increased from 12 to 351…

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