Two Major HeinOnline Enhancements

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Shannon Furtak

November’s content release is available in HeinOnline, and we’re excited to announce two new features!

Page Scrolling

Our users asked for it, and our developers have now integrated page scrolling into HeinOnline! From any page view screen, simply use your mouse’s scroll wheel to scroll through the document:

Users can continue to use the arrows both above and below the page image, as well as the keyboard’s arrow keys, to page through material in HeinOnline. The highlighted section indicator will move with you as you scroll or page through documents.
New Citation Feature

Click the Cite button located above the Table of Contents to retrieve multiple citation formats for a document:

Users can copy and paste the citation information…

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When You Ask, We Listen: New Title Added to HeinOnline

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Shannon Furtak

We are pleased to announce that the League of Nations Official Journal Special Supplement is now available!

The League of Nations Official Journal has long been a part of HeinOnline, but until now we did not have the Special Supplement, which was added to the United Nations Law Collection and the World Treaty Library with our most recent content release. This title adds 195 volumes and nearly 24,000 images to each collection. The release of this material in October’s content release coincided with the 70th birthday of the United Nations, which occurred on October 24…

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Streamlined PDF Download Option Now Available!

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has long enjoyed a reputation of being extremely responsive to its customers’ feedback. Recently, a user tweeted that it was more difficult than necessary to obtain and use PDFs from HeinOnline. We followed up with him via e-mail and received some excellent suggestions to help us make accessing PDFs easier for users.

We are pleased to introduce the “instant PDF download” feature of HeinOnline as the direct result of this customer’s tweet! From search results or from inside a HeinOnline document, simply click the red PDF icon to instantly download a PDF of the desired section, provided the section does not exceed 200 pages. Previously, this PDF icon resulted in a print/download options screen…

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New Feature: E-mail a Direct PDF Link from HeinOnline!

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Shannon Furtak

Thanks to a fantastic suggestion from Amy Wright, Co-Director of the University of San Francisco School of Law Library, we have added the ability to e-mail direct PDF links from HeinOnline! This can be done both from search results and from inside any document in HeinOnline.

Search Results

To e-mail a PDF from search results, click the e-mail icon located on the right side of the search result:

This opens a window with several fields into which you can enter one or more e-mail addresses, a from name, subject and message:

The recipient of the e-mail is able to click the link to access a PDF of the document…

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Major Enhancement to Session Laws Library Underway!

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline is well known for encouraging customer feedback, and many features that have been implemented over the past several months have been the direct result of suggestions received from users. Earlier this year, we sent a survey to our customers, and several responses indicated that users wanted additional indexing in the Session Laws Library. We are pleased to announce that we have a program in place to index all state session laws to the chapter or act level!

All new additions to the Session Laws Library will be indexed to the chapter or act level. We have also ranked all states in the order in which they are accessed by HeinOnline users…

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Major Improvements Made to Searching in HeinOnline!

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Shannon Furtak

The Hein Company has long enjoyed a reputation of having the best customer service in the industry. We have always welcomed both positive and negative customer feedback. We recently surveyed our customers to find out what they liked best about HeinOnline and what features could use improvement. While we learned that we’re doing many things right, we found much that could be improved with our searching and search results.

We have taken this feedback seriously and will be implementing many of the suggestions we received as we work to enhance the HeinOnline interface over the next few months. In the meantime, we have drastically improved the algorithm we use for calculating search result relevancy.

Improvements to Search Relevancy Algorithm

We found that many users apply a “Google” search technique when using the advanced search boxes in HeinOnline…

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New Feature: Follow Your Favorite Authors in HeinOnline!

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Shannon Furtak

Thanks to a fantastic suggestion from University of Wisconsin Law School librarian Bonnie Shucha, we have recently made it possible to follow your favorite law review article authors via the Author Profile Pages in HeinOnline! To access the author’s profile page, simply click on the author’s name from search results:

Then, click Set up e-mail alerts, and enter your e-mail address:

You will receive a notification via e-mail that these alerts have been set up:

You will then be notified via e-mail when new material written by your author(s) is added to HeinOnline…

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New Feature: View the Cumulative Number of Times an Author’s Articles Have been Cited!

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Shannon Furtak

This new enhancement is the result of customer feedback!

When viewing search results, users will now be able to see how many times an author’s articles have been cited by other articles. For example, a search for “risk perception” AND “availability heuristic” reveals 182 results. Users will see the cumulative number of times the article’s author has been cited by other law review articles in HeinOnline; that number will be found in parentheses next to the author’s name:

In addition to viewing the number of times an author has been cited, researchers can also sort search results by Most Cited Author:

You will see the article written by the author who has been cited the most appear first:

As always…

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September HeinOnline Enhancements: We’ve Been Busy!

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Shannon Furtak

September is a month for new enhancements in HeinOnline, many of which were suggested by our customers! We take our customers’ feedback very seriously and appreciate all suggestions that we receive. Click the Feedback Button from the top right side of any screen in HeinOnline to tell us what you’d like to see happen in HeinOnline!

This month, we are pleased to announce that these new features are now available:

1. Print/Download Multiple Page Ranges At the Same Time

Thanks to a great suggestion we received from a customer at AALL this year, we have implemented the ability to download more than one page range at a time from the print/download area in HeinOnline…

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Enhanced Discoverability of Legislative Histories in HeinOnline

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HeinOnline Blogger

We recently received a request to include a listing for all public laws in the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library.

HeinOnline contains the full text for hundreds of legislative histories in several HeinOnline collections.  We previously did a blog post on searching for legislative histories and the different collections in which they may be found.

Now we have made it even easier to search for Federal Legislation, by adding listings  for public laws in other collections for which we have full text to the “Browse by: Public Law No.” and “Browse by: Popular Name” lists in the U.S. Federal Legislative History homepage.

To illustrate the enhanced capabilities of this feature, we’ll do a search for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act…

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