American Indian Law Collection – Now Available!

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Miranda Rosati

More than 700 titles and 750,000 related to American Indian Law!

National Museum of the American Indian

HeinOnline is excited to announce the release of its newest library, the American Indian Law Collection. With more than 700 unique titles and 750,000 pages dedicated to American Indian Law, this collection includes an expansive archive of treaties, federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence. This library also features rare compilations edited by Felix S. Cohen that have never before been accessible online.

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HeinOnline iPad/iPhone App – Now Available!

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We’re pleased to announce our HeinOnline iPad/iPhone App is now available to download!

View the image-based PDFs, access content by citation, browse by volume, navigate a volume with the electronic table of contents, and use full advanced searching techniques. HeinOnline account/authentication is required.

Download Now»

Click here for more information, or contact HeinOnline Support at 800-277-6995 or

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World Constitutions Illustrated – Our Translations Have Been Used Globally!

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Our expert translations are being internationally
recognized and receiving great acclaim! 

We are proud to announce the Constitutional Court of Colombia has recognized our English translation of the Colombian Constitution as a “great translation.” We were recently contacted by the Constitutional Court of Colombia, requesting the use of our translation at a prestigious conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Colombian Constitution.

The Conference featured the President of the Constitutional Court, Juan Carlos Henao, together with the President of the Republic Juan Manuel Santos and former President of the Republic César Gaviria Trujillo who was President at the time of the adoption and promulgation of the Constitution in 1991.

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2010 Year in Review with Fun Fact about our Blog

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Miranda Rosati

2010 was an exciting year for HeinOnline! We added more than 8.5 million pages of significant legal content to our database, reaching a new milestone of 60 million pages! We introduced a number of new library modules presented in our new legal research platform, an updated look along with a new HeinOnline homepage, and added various new enhancements. Click here to view a recap of everything we accomplished in 2010.

The following are some interesting stats about our blog that we’d like to share with you:

*We now have 2,682 subscribers.
*We had 36,339 pageviews in 2010
*18,978 visitors came from 149 countries/territories
*The busiest day of the year was March 9…

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Exploring HeinOnline: Education of the Handicapped

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Miranda Rosati

This 55 Volume Set is now available in HeinOnline’s U.S. Federal Legislative History Library!

Education of the Handicapped; Laws, Legislative Histories and Administrative Documents edited by Bernard D. Reams Jr. focuses upon the following:

  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 and its amendment
  • Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 and its amendment
  • Acts providing services for the blind, deaf, mentally retarded, etc.
Now available in HeinOnline’s U.S. Federal Legislative History Library!

Click here to download a list of all titles available in this collection…

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New Library Coming Soon!

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Miranda Rosati

HeinOnline will soon release a new a-la-carte library with a focus on intellectual property law. This library will be developed based around HeinOnline’s new legal research platform bringing together legislative histories, books, links to online sources and links to law review articles all in one database. It will feature more than 250,000 pages of legal research material related to patents, trademark and copyrights which includes:

  • More than 150 books
  • More than 60 legislative histories including the Copyright Act of 1891
  • Manual of Patent Examining Procedure inception to date (all original editions and each revision)
  • CFR Title 37 (Patents…

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Exploring HeinOnline: Water Quality Act of 1987

Exploring HeinOnline, U.S. Federal Legislative History

Coming Soon to HeinOnline’s U.S. Federal Legislative History Library!

The Water Quality Act of 1987, enacted April 2, 1987 provided the most recent series of amendments to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, also known as the Clean Water Act. Provisions included:

  • Authority to continue the Chesapeake Bay Program and to establish a Chesapeake Bay Program Office (33 U.S.C. 1267). The original authorization for this program, the Chesapeake Bay Research Coordination Act of 1980 (P.L. 96-460), expired on September 30, 1984
  • Establishment of a Great Lakes National Program Office within EPA and a Great Lakes Research Office within NOAA (33 U.S.C. 1268). Related Federal agencies, including the Fish and Wildlife Service…

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Exploring HeinOnline: Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA)

Exploring HeinOnline, U.S. Federal Legislative History

Coming Soon to HeinOnline’s U.S. Federal Legislative History Library!

The Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) amended the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) on October 17, 1986. SARA reflected EPA’s experience in administering the complex Superfund program during its first six years and made several important changes and additions to the programs. This Act:
  • stressed the importance of permanent remedies and innovative treatment technologies in cleaning up hazardous waste sites
  • required Superfund actions to consider the standards and requirements found in other States and Federal environmental laws and regulations
  • provided new enforcement authorities and settlement tools
  • increased State involvement in every phase of the Superfund program
  • increased the focus on human health problems posed by hazardous waste sites
  • encouraged greater citizen participation in making decisions on how sites should be cleaned up
  • increased the size of the trust fund to $8.5 billion
SARA also required EPA to revise the Hazard Ranking System to ensure that it accurately assessed the relative degree of risk to human health and the environment posed by uncontrolled hazardous waste sites that may be placed on the National Priorities List…

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