Comprehensive Search Results in HeinOnline Just Got Better

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Shannon Sabo

HeinOnline has always offered comprehensive search results. Results will never max out, regardless of the search parameters. For example, the incredibly broad search law from within the Law Journal Library  produces more than 1.8 million results:


Infinite Scrolling Now Available

Recently, the HeinOnline development team analyzed the way researchers used search results. They discovered that more than 85% of users do not venture beyond the first page of search results. In order to more intuitively display a greater number of search results, an infinite scroll feature has been implemented. Users will no longer be required to use page arrows to go beyond the first page of results…

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Project Update: Session Laws Library Indexing

Enhancements, Functionality, Session Laws, What's New
Benjamin Boron

How the Project Began

In August of 2015, we received an overwhelming amount of feedback from a customer survey indicating that users wanted additional indexing to the Session Laws Library.

The project was initially launched by ranking all states in the order they’re accessed by HeinOnline users and we began indexing the session laws by 10-year increments, in reverse chronological order while simultaneously indexing all new session laws added to HeinOnline.

Update on the Process

We are pleased to announce that all 50 states are now indexed to the chapter or act level from 2000 to current. Moving forward, we are adjusting our process…

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New HeinOnline Knowledge Base

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Bonnie Hein

We have been diligently working to develop our new HeinOnline Knowledge Base and are excited to announce that it is now available!

Click the Help drop-down menu located in the top right corner of any page in HeinOnline to select the new Knowledge Base, which is also available at

The Knowledge Base is now full-text searchable, and each article is categorized for easy browsing. Six popular categories appear on the Knowledge Base homepage, and others are accessible by clicking them from within search results:

As you enter your search terms, results will auto-fill as you type…

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Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals: Did You Know…?

Exploring HeinOnline, Functionality, IFLP
Marci Hoffman

You probably know that the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) is one of the many research tools available on HeinOnline.  But did you know these fun facts about IFLP?

  • It’s the only multilingual legal journal index in the WORLD!
  • The scope of coverage is broader than you think – it covers domestic law from many jurisdictions (China, Germany, South Africa, United States, and many more), international law, and comparative law.
  • Here are some numbers: over 700 journals are indexed and over 52,000 full-text articles are linked to the Index.
  • The Index covers 26 languages.  You can search keywords in English or in one of the 26 languages…

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Enhancements to HeinOnline's Session Laws Library

Enhancements, Functionality, Session Laws, What's New
Shannon Sabo

In late August, we blogged about the addition of chapter and act indexing to the Session Laws Library. In the first phase of this ambitious project, we are indexing the last 10 years for all 50 states, plus adding indexing to all new session laws added to HeinOnline. In the next stage of the project we will index the session laws of all 50 states for the previous 10 years before that (1995-2004).

The first phase of chapter and act indexing for 2005-current has been completed for the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Mississippi
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

We have also moved the Chapter portion of the Session Laws Quick Locator tool to a more prominent location on the Session Laws Library homepage:

This tool is also now available from all state pages:

For volumes which have the chapter and act-level indexing…

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New Video Available: Searching 101

Exploring HeinOnline, Functionality, Searching, Training, What's New
Shannon Sabo

We are on a mission to update our help guides and training videos in order to provide our users with an even better legal research experience! The latest video, Searching 101, is available both on the HeinOnline help page and below:

This five-minute tutorial will help users get started with searching in HeinOnline both from the Welcome Page and from inside a collection. It explains basic HeinOnline functionality,explores search tools and syntax, and then points users to helpful links to further their understanding.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements about some major new features that will be available with the November content release…

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In-Depth Indexing Added to the Federal Register!

Enhancements, Federal Register, Functionality
Shannon Sabo

We are pleased to announce that HeinOnline has indexed the Federal Register to the section level with this month's content release! Section types include proposed rules, rules and regulations, and notices.

Material from 1995 to date, as well as all future Federal Registers added to HeinOnline, will have this enhanced indexing which will drastically improve both browsability and search result accuracy. The indexing added more than 675,000 tags for this 20-year period; metadata fields added include agency, action type, title, FR DOC number, and more.

For example, if you are searching for FR DOC # 2014-00322, and you know that this appears in Federal Register volume 79 number 8, you can quickly navigate to this issue and view the table of contents…

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Notice Anything Different About Us?

Enhancements, Functionality, What's New
Shannon Sabo

You are probably already familiar with our updated interface, released this past August. The appearance is cleaner, the search bar is stationary, and HeinOnline is now much more mobile-friendly. However, despite our desire to upgrade our look and usability factor, we know that it's what's inside that really matters.

That's why, in addition to these searching enhancements made earlier in the year, we have also considerably increased the speed of certain aspects of HeinOnline where it counts.

Page turning is now remarkably fast, thanks to our development team's thoughtful wizardry. In order to achieve optimum speed, the user's browser now caches the page images, when previously the images were not being stored…

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Major Enhancement to Session Laws Library Underway!

Enhancements, Functionality, Session Laws, What's New
Shannon Sabo

HeinOnline is well known for encouraging customer feedback, and many features that have been implemented over the past several months have been the direct result of suggestions received from users. Earlier this year, we sent a survey to our customers, and several responses indicated that users wanted additional indexing in the Session Laws Library. We are pleased to announce that we have a program in place to index all state session laws to the chapter or act level!

All new additions to the Session Laws Library will be indexed to the chapter or act level. We have also ranked all states in the order in which they are accessed by HeinOnline users…

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HeinOnline's Enhanced Interface Is Almost Here!

Enhancements, Functionality, What's New
Shannon Sabo

We have been diligently working on updating the HeinOnline interface for the past several months, and we are excited to announce that it will be released early next week!

Main Features of the Enhanced Interface

  • The enhanced interface uses responsive web design, which means HeinOnline will be mobile-device friendly and will adjust to the size of your tablet, smartphone or computer monitor!
  • The search bar will remain stationary and available on all pages of HeinOnline.
  • The appearance of HeinOnline has been streamlined and simplified.
  • The Welcome Page lists collections by category and name; category options are collapsible, so users can expand these as needed…

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