Michael Flynn and The Logan Act

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Bonnie Hein

After less than one month of service, retired U.S. Army lieutenant general Michael T. Flynn resigned as United States national security advisor on February 13, 2017 after a controversy arose about his prior conversations with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States.

Leading up to Flynn’s official resignation were allegations of inappropriate telephone discussions with Kislyak regarding the Obama administration’s expulsion of Russian diplomats and sanctions against Russia during the transition period prior to the inauguration of President Trump. He  subsequently misled Vice President Pence regarding these conversations.

Press coverage about the phone calls and presidential transition discussed the possibility of Mike Flynn potentially being subject to further punishment other than his resigning…

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HeinOnline: The Most Reliable Source for Government Documents

Government Documents
Shannon Sabo


HeinOnline has long been known as the most comprehensive source of law and law-related journals, but it's much more than the best place to find articles. HeinOnline contains more than 140,000 titles and nearly 145,000,000 pages, as well as comprehensive coverage of documents from both the U.S. federal government and state session laws. HeinOnline's government document content is easy to browse and search and, in many cases, covers material far beyond the range available other commercial publisher or even government websites. Because HeinOnline is composed of image-based, fully searchable PDFs, the authenticity of these documents is never in question as they are all exact replicas of the official print publications.

Government Document Databases in HeinOnline


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Linking to the GPO's High Resolution Color PDFs of the Federal Register Is Now Available!

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Benjamin Boron


The Federal Register is a primary source for United States federal government agencies’ proposed rules, final rules, changes to existing rules and notices, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents. The Federal Register is the official journal of record for the acts of the U.S. Government. It's updated daily and printed Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays. This publication is divided into four categories: 

  • Presidential documents, executive orders, and proclamations
  • Rules and Regulations (policy statements and interpretations of rules by federal agencies)
  • Proposed Rules (petitions by agencies for assistance in rulemaking and other proposals)
  • Notices (scheduled hearings and meetings open to the public…

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Mandatory Overtime Pay

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Bonnie Hein

On November 22, 2016, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant III issued a preliminary injunction denying the U.S. Department of Labor's new regulation to extend mandatory overtime pay. Under the  regulation, workers who earn less than $47,476 per year and work more than 40 hours per week would have received mandatory overtime pay beginning December 1, 2016.

The Department of Labor's new guidelines applied to an estimated 4.2 million workers and would have doubled the maximum salary workers were allowed to earn and still be eligible for overtime pay, previously updated in 2004.

In anticipation of the December 1st deadline, many businesses have already increased salaries for employees who fall into this category in order to avoid paying the mandatory overtime…

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Monthly Catalog Of United States Government Publications, 1895-2004

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Benjamin Boron

The Hein Company has made it a mission to bridge the gap in legal history by providing comprehensive coverage from inception of as much material as possible. With the August content release, another title was completed back to inception: Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications. Coverage of this title includes 1895-2004.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications was established by the Printing Act of January 12, 1895. This publication was issued monthly by the Superintendent of Documents for the Government Printing Office, and cataloged all publications of the United States government, including those issued by Congress and all executive departments. (This publication excludes confidential or restricted documents.)

Monthly Catalog makes finding government documents a much easier task…

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The Best Source for Statutory Materials and GPO Publications

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Shannon Sabo

HeinOnline is a legal research powerhouse, filled with 60 unique collections, nearly 100,000 titles, and more than 130,000,000 million pages. The database is image-based and fully searchable, and it contains a tremendous depth of content. While other databases have law reviews and government documents dating back to the 1980s, HeinOnline's collections almost always date back to inception. In addition, HeinOnline often has the most current material, making it the most logical source for both historical investigation and today's legal research.

In addition to more than 2,200 law and law-related periodicals and a phenomenal collection of historical legal treatises which contains works by some of the most celebrated legal minds in history, HeinOnline is an excellent source for United States statutory material and Government Publishing Office publications…

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CFR Research Tip

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We've received some inquiries recently about finding a list of titles or parts in the Code of Federal Regulations.  Here are some quick tips for browsing and researching in the collection.

To begin, click on the Code of Federal Regulations library from your welcome screen.  You will get a search page as follows:

CFR main page

Under the Title/Part/Section Quick Locator, choose a year.

After you've selected a year, the title menu will give you a list of titles for that year.  If you choose a title, a button will appear, "Go to Title."  From here you may click on that button and bring up an entire list of Parts for that topic and year.  This is great for browsing if you know the general topic and year…

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Looking for Government Documents during the Shutdown?

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Shannon Sabo

The government may be closed for all non-essential business, but at HeinOnline we are hard at work to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date information as well as historical archives for many government publications. Check out what we have in our U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions and Appeals collection. Looking specifically for the Congressional Record or a particular Congressional Hearing? Try our U.S. Congressional Documents collection, where we update the Congressional Record Daily after each day of congressional activity and the Congressional Record itself goes back to inception! Also included in HeinOnline are the United States Reports, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations

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HeinOnline Content Now Includes Hot-linked URLs

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For a few years now, HeinOnline has had the "citations on this page" feature available. This tool has allowed HeinOnline users to click a citation on the page they are currently viewing, and link directly to that cited material in HeinOnline.
We have now expanded this feature to include URLs to cited content housed outside of the HeinOnline database. The new hot-linked URLs work in the same manner as the citations have. Clicking a blue highlighted URL will open a new tab in your web browser and load the website. If you would like to turn off the hotlinks, simply click the "Citations on this Page" link located above the page image.

The URLs HeinOnline uses are derived from uncorrected OCR…

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HeinOnline completes the Congressional Record and continues to grow its collection of Government Documents!

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HeinOnline announced in June it’s completion of the entire back file of the Congressional Record, making us the first and only online database to contain the complete Congressional Record Bound Volumes! Our efforts to close that gap were only part of our ongoing initiative to further advance the material available in our collection of Government Documents. We also recently announced our plans to fill the gap in the CFR, http://heinonline.blogspot.com/2008/08/were-filling-gap-in-cfr-in-heinonline.html. While HeinOnline is known for making the titles in our Law Journal collection available from inception, we are growing to become a valuable resource for many legal research needs including the need to search across various federal government documents.

Galen Fletcher, Faculty Services Librarian at Brigham Young University recently published an article in Jurisdocs…

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