Ride to Live for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month (and Beyond)

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Tara Kibler

We’re kicking off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month with an overview of motorcycle safety laws in the U.S. Take a quick detour to learn about motorcycle history, then ride on to ensure you have the proper helmet and eye protection to stay safe and legal throughout the upcoming summer months.

Before We Get Started:

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Motorcycles: A Brief History

The first iteration of the motorcycle can be traced back to the second half of the 19th century…

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Class is Now in Session: Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

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Tara Kibler

HeinOnline is honoring educators of all kinds for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 5-11 2019). We thank those teachers who furthered our own development, as well as those who are currently guiding future generations. Celebrate Teachers’ Week by setting aside those lesson plans and exploring the growth of education in the United States.

Revisiting U.S. Education with HeinOnline

The United States system of education has evolved under a variety of influences dating back to the Colonial Era.

17th-18th Centuries

Compulsory education is rooted in the ideals of the Thirteen Colonies…

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May the Fourth Be with You (and Your Research)

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Tara Kibler

Did you know that tomorrow is International Star Wars Day? To celebrate, find out how you can utilize the depth of HeinOnline to research this popular franchise.

A Look into the Franchise

Since the release of the first Star Wars film in 1977, the epic space-opera franchise has become a timeless worldwide sensation. After the unparalleled success of the eponymous first film and its sequel, The Empire Strikes Back (1980), creator George Lucas began developing Star Wars into a trilogy of trilogies…

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