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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has a reputation as a go-to source for United States statutory documents and government publications, but the database also contains an incredible amount of content related to international law and international relations. In the Law Journal Library alone, nearly 700 journals are published outside of the United States. To find out which journals are published in each country, click Country from the browse options on the collection homepage:

Select any country for its corresponding list of journals.

Using the Browse Collections by Category option from the Welcome Page

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New Journal is Dedicated to the History of International Law

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Benjamin Boron

Jus Gentium Journal of International Legal History, published by Talbot Publishing an imprint of the Lawbook Exchange LTD, is the first journal in the United States dedicated to addressing the history of international law. Much modern scholarship on the history of international law is preoccupied not with international law, but with the international legal doctrine; the doctrinal writings of remarkably few individuals dominate the discourse while the rest remain unseen or overlooked. Jus Gentium encourages the further exploration in the archives for new materials and confirmation of the accuracy of past accounts, while simultaneously welcoming the reassessment of international legal history in all dimensions.

Also included with a subscription to Jus Gentium are these four titles from the Lawbook Exchange:

1. On the History of International Law and International Organization: Collected Papers of Sir Paul Vinogradoff…

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