8 Helpful Resources for Librarians

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Benjamin Boron

At HeinOnline, we understand that librarians are constantly adjusting to technical changes as they perform and assist with a multitude of research endeavors across several databases.

Last fall, we updated our interface. The appearance was streamlined, and new tools were created for a more user-friendly research experience. As a result, we’ve created many new help resources. The following is a snapshot of various resources we offer for librarians, as well as help materials available for both new and experienced HeinOnline users to get the most from their subscriptions.

1.) Librarian Guide Information Sheet

Do your University’s LibGuides mention HeinOnline? If so, we’ve made a short guide containing a general database description as well as information on how to obtain up-to-date descriptions of individual HeinOnline collections…

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Helpful Resources for Law Students

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Shannon Furtak

The beginning of September means that most law students are either heading back to class, or beginning their legal studies. The law school workload is undeniably intense, and HeinOnline is here to help. In addition to being the world's largest image-based government document and legal research database, HeinOnline also features fully searchable content and a wealth of tools to improve the legal research experience. It's a favorite resource among law librarians, professors, students, and other legal professionals. The following is just a snapshot of the various help materials available to all HeinOnline users.

1. HeinOnline's Help Video Series

In order to make HeinOnline even more user-friendly, a series of videos has been created highlighting major features and areas of the database…

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Summer Reading Recommendations

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Shannon Furtak

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post introducing new students to legal research with HeinOnline. William S. Hein &. Co. also publishes books, and several focus on the first step most individuals take toward the legal world: law school. If you know someone starting law school next semester, get them off to a great start by recommending some of these titles!


1. 1000 Days to the Bar: But the Practice of Law Begins Now! 2nd edition, by Dennis Tonsing

This is a powerful, accessible, and practical book that breaks law school learning strategies into understandable and logical steps that maximize the effect of students’ study efforts…

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