September Content Release Recap

Shane Marmion

We are once again very excited to tell you about what’s new with HeinOnline! This month we have added over 1,000,000 pages of significant legal and research material. With this release, HeinOnline now contains over 30,000,000 pages!

New Content:
Take some time to look through our Content Release and learn how HeinOnline is expanding legal research every day! This month’s release includes the following NEW content:
Foreign Relations of the United States Library – New This Month!

  • 5 Law Journal titles
  • 20 titles added to the Legal Classics Library
  • 111 titles added to the World Trials Library

and much more…

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New Title Lookup Feature – Coming Soon!

Shane Marmion

At the American Association of Law Libraries meeting in New Orleans this past July we demonstrated a new HeinOnline feature called “Title Lookup.” This new feature will be available to all HeinOnline users later this week!

Title Lookup will give you the ability to easily locate titles in HeinOnline. Currently with over 3,000 titles in over 25 libraries, it can be difficult to determine which titles reside in which collections.

You can use Title Lookup to locate a title anywhere in HeinOnline or you can use it to locate a title in a specific HeinOnline library. Title Lookup is available on the HeinOnline “Welcome” page and in each HeinOnline library…

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Introducing the New HeinOnline Blog!

Shane Marmion


With so many exciting things happening every day in HeinOnline, we are launching this blog to provide on-demand information to users around the world! This blog will offer insight to our newest products, notify customers of our latest interface enhancements, and share tips to help improve customers research experience. Anyone from students and librarians to professionals world-wide will be able to use our blog to communicate with our development team, share tips with other subscribers, or simply to read what other HeinOnline users are saying.

Additionally, we will be offering Blog giveaways to our faithful readers. Don’t miss your chance to win prizes including: ipods, iphones, and much more!

This blog was created for you…

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August content release recap

Content News
Shane Marmion

Law Journal Library:

HeinOnline recently acquired the rights to 3 prominent titles, including: The Journal of Law and Society, The Jurist, and The American Criminal Law Review.

The Journal of law and Society has been established as the leading British periodical for Socio-Legal Studies. This journal appeals to legal researchers and practitioners as well as sociologists, criminologist and other social scientists.

The Jurist is the only journal published in the United States devoted to the study and promotion of canon law.

The American Criminal Law Review is the nation’s premier journal of criminal law. The ACLR is the most-cited criminal law review in the nation, and it also ranks among the countries 30 most-cited law review of any kind…

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Scheduled Maintenance for HeinOnline

Shane Marmion

This Friday, September 14th, from 6:00am until 6:30am EST (11:00 GMT) the HeinOnline service may be unavailable. We are attaching the HeinOnline server to a new SAN (storage area network) and will be required to reboot the server. This new SAN will provide additional disk space for further growth of HeinOnline.

If you have any questions please email

Thank You for your patience and understanding.

HeinOnline Technical Support
William S Hein & Co., Inc.

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Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) – Coming Soon!

Content News
Shane Marmion

Our development team has been working diligently on our new Foreign Relations of the United States collection that will be available at the end of the month.

This new collection to HeinOnline will contain approximately 450 volumes and half a million pages of content. The content will be able to be browsed or searched by presidential administration. The collection will also be available at no cost for those who were early subscribers to our Foreign and International Law Resources Database (FILRD).

A complete listing of volumes that will be contained in the HeinOnline’s FRUS collection can be accessed here:

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Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)

Content News
Shane Marmion

Due to customer feedback that there was confusion as to where the MPEP resides within HeinOnline, we have made the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) its own collection.

Those customers who are currently subscribed to the “Core” or “Intellectual Property” collections will now see this new collection in the alphabetical list of subscribed libraries. This collection can also be accessed from the following link:

Also, we are still looking for the missing editions and revisions to complete our back file coverage for the MPEP. If you have available any of the following revisions, please contact us by e-mailing

1st 1st Revision
1st 2nd Revision
1st 3rd Revision
1st Completely Interfiled
3rd 1st Revision
3rd 2nd Revision
3rd 3rd Revision
3rd 7th Revision
3rd 8th Revision
3rd 10th Revision
3rd 13th Revision
3rd 16th Revision
3rd 17th Revision
3rd 19th Edition
3rd 20th Revision
3rd 21st Revision
3rd 23rd Revision
3rd 25th Revision
3rd 26th Revision
3rd 27th Revision
3rd 37th Revision
3rd 38th Revision
3rd 44th Revision
3rd 45th Revision
3rd 46th Revision
3rd 47th Revision
3rd 49th Revision
3rd 50th Revision
3rd 51st Revision
3rd 54th Revision
3rd 55th Revision
4th Original ed…

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