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What does the late music legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member David Bowie have to do with the concept of intellectual property? Back in the late 1990s, David Bowie's recording and distribution deal was about to expire, and his business manager was looking for new finance options to help buy out Bowie's former business manager and to raise a significant amount of money before Bowie returned to live in the United Kingdom.  During a meeting between Bowie, his manager, and investment banker David Pullman, the concept of Bowie Bonds was realized. Bowie was able to sell $55 million in bonds backed by future music royalty payments and copyrights…

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Get More from Your HeinOnline Subscription!

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HeinOnline has a wealth of resources available to help you with searching and navigating in the database. From a help page to live, personalized training sessions, we have what you need to get started using HeinOnline and to advance your legal research skills to the next level!

Our help page is a great place to get answers to frequently asked questions, download or view training guides, and watch helpful videos about HeinOnline's interface and tools.

This page is fully searchable and incorporates our blog

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Netflix's "Making a Murderer" Is Captivating Everyone

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Shannon Sabo

Thank goodness winter has finally arrived.

Prior to the recent arctic blast, we felt compelled to venture outdoors and actively participate in society. Now, with temperatures in the teens and cars covered in ice, there is zero shame in curling up on the couch and binge-watching Netflix's popular documentary, Making a Murderer.

Spoiler Alert

This 10-episode true crime series from filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi follows the story of Steven Avery, a man erroneously convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder in 1985. After being exonerated by DNA evidence and released from prison in 2003, he was later accused and convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach…

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Martin Luther King, Jr.: An Extraordinary Legacy

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Shannon Sabo

Each January, we celebrate the life of a man who had a tremendous impact on race relations in the United States. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a civil rights activist and a Baptist minister. Though his life was cut far too short by an assassin's bullet in 1968, the ideals he embodied, his methods of peaceful protest, and his visions for a future without racism are still admired and discussed today.

Dr. King first entered the public spotlight after Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama in December of 1955. Leaders of the NAACP met with Dr…

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Sexual Assault on College Campuses and the American Law Institute

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Shannon Sabo

Sexual assault on college campuses, and consent issues in general, have been prevalent topics in the news. CNN reports that 23% of female college students experience some form of unwanted sexual contact. This contact ranges from kissing to touching to rape, and is carried out by force or threat of force, or while the victim is incapacitated due to the effects of alcohol or drugs.

This information sharply contradicts statistics reported by colleges: according to this article in Chronicle of Higher Education, nine out of 10 colleges reported no rapes at all on their campuses in 2014…

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Two New Features Now Available!

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Shannon Sabo

It's been a busy year, but we couldn't let December slip by without adding two new features to HeinOnline!

Code of Federal Regulations

When using the Title/Part/Section Quick Locator from the CFR collection homepage to access 2015 CFR material, additional information will display in the red box indicating where the cited section was affected in the Federal Register. For example, select 2015, Title 5, Part 531:

Clicking the link will direct users to the Federal Register section in which the CFR citation is referenced:

When applicable, search results will also display a link to where a CFR section is affected:

Clicking the link results in links to each section of the Federal Register that pertain to the CFR part and a CFR Sections Affected Locator

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11/22/63: A Beloved President is Taken too Soon

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Shannon Sabo

The anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death is a time to remember the idealism and values of the United States' 35th President. In his inaugural address, Kennedy made this famous statement: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." 

Kennedy took office during a recession, but made efforts to lower taxes, offer protections to the unemployed, increase the minimum wage, and stimulate the economy by focusing on business and housing sectors. His administration pumped money into domestic and military spending, and the recession faded.

Kennedy also pushed for new social programs, such as:

  • Federal aid for education
  • Medical care for the elderly
  • Urban mass transit
  • The Department of Urban Affairs

Kennedy also supported the growing civil rights movement

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New Video Available: Searching 101

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Shannon Sabo

We are on a mission to update our help guides and training videos in order to provide our users with an even better legal research experience! The latest video, Searching 101, is available both on the HeinOnline help page and below:

This five-minute tutorial will help users get started with searching in HeinOnline both from the Welcome Page and from inside a collection. It explains basic HeinOnline functionality,explores search tools and syntax, and then points users to helpful links to further their understanding.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements about some major new features that will be available with the November content release…

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Why Finance Jargon Is Actually Interesting and Should Matter to You

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Shannon Sabo

Reading about or discussing banking laws, financial institutions, and accounting information probably defeats Ambien in the sleep-aid war for most people. However, what happens in and to the financial industry almost always affects things like the United States economy, the housing market, and our paychecks.

November 12 marked the 16th anniversary of the repeal of certain parts of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. Before your eyes glaze over, think about 2008 for a moment. What could repealing a portion of a 1933 Act in 1999 have to do with 2008, and why should we still care in 2015? Let's break it down.

The Glass-Steagall Act

The Glass-Steagall Act refers to four specific provisions of the U.S…

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Fantasy Sports, Insider Trading, Legal Questions, and HeinOnline

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Shannon Sabo

In addition to providing endless hours of interactive and strategic entertainment and further irritating football widows and widowers, fantasy sports are now sparking nationwide controversy and accusations of behavior akin to insider trading, according to this article from the New York Times.

Thanks to lobbying by professional sports leagues, fantasy sports are exempt from the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act because they are "games of skill" as opposed to games of chance. The games are legal in all but five states, according to this article. However, the recent events depicted in these articles is bringing national attention to the fantasy sports industry.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is Title VIII of Public Law number 109-347 in the U.S…

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