All That Glitters Might Be Gold: Establishing the State of California

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Tara Kibler

More than 170 years ago, the course of American history was forever changed when millwright James W. Marshall discovered gold in the new U.S. territory of California. The discovery sparked an influx of travelers to the territory, rapidly increasing the area’s population and directly contributing to California’s eventual statehood. Keep reading to learn more about the gold rush and its role in the formation of “the Golden State.”

Users can find all documents relating to the formation of California in HeinOnline’s newest database, State Constitutions Illustrated. The most comprehensive state constitution research platform available, the database holds nearly 10,000 current and historical constitutions for all fifty states, extensive pre-statehood primary material…

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NEW DATABASE: State Constitutions Illustrated Is Now Available!

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

We are excited to announce that our newest database, State Constitutions Illustrated, is now available! Including more than 1,000 books and 770,000 pages of works related to each state’s constitutional history, this database is the most comprehensive state constitution research platform available! Not only does this database contain an extensive collection of pre-statehood primary material, but it is also composed of original and consolidated texts heavily annotated with references to case law. This database is perfect for anyone interested in comparative constitutional studies, the legal and political history of the United States, or state-specific research.

About the Database

HeinOnline’s State Constitutions Illustrated is a collection of the constitutions of the 50 states of the United States

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