A Fathers’ Day Investigation of the Fathers’ Rights Movement

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Tara Kibler

Family law is an area of the legal field concerning matters relating to marriage and partnership, divorce, adoption, surrogacy, child protection from abuse and neglect, and other domestic issues. In the last century or so, the transformation of certain definitions (e.g. wife, marriage, gender) and the recognition of women’s rights have dramatically changed the practice. Over the past few decades, one group has made it their mission to reform family law and the family court system further—fathers. Join us as we use HeinOnline to investigate the history of family law and the relatively new fathers’ rights movement.

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New Volume and Online Update: Subject Compilations of State Laws

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Tara Kibler

About the Database

HeinOnline now offers the 2017-2018 volume of Subject Compilations of State Laws in both print and online formats! This database, updated regularly, has revolutionized historical state subject searching, and the 2017-2018 volume now adds nearly 1,100 entries under 310 main subject headings. Researchers now have instantaneous access to more than 27,000 bibliographic records, many with extensive annotations. There is no longer a need to browse the twenty-plus print volumes in the series.

Most importantly, where possible, the annotations link directly to articles and other documents residing in HeinOnline. In all, more than 14,000 records link to HeinOnline periodicals…

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Ride to Live for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month (and Beyond)

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Tara Kibler

We’re kicking off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month with an overview of motorcycle safety laws in the U.S. Take a quick detour to learn about motorcycle history, then ride on to ensure you have the proper helmet and eye protection to stay safe and legal throughout the upcoming summer months.

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Motorcycles: A Brief History

The first iteration of the motorcycle can be traced back to the second half of the 19th century…

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Subject Compilations of State Laws: New Volume and Online Update Available

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Kaylyn Zurawski

New 2016-2017 Volume!

The new 2016-2017 volume is now available in print and in the Subject Compilations of State Laws database! This volume contains 600 entries under 225 main subject headings. New topics in this volume include robots and transportation companies like Uber and Lyft. The annotated material includes law review and other periodical articles, appellate court opinions, books, briefs from cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal and state courts, commercial database contents, federal and state government publications, looseleaf services, and websites. Database users also enjoy access to the current and all prior volumes in this series…

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Tilikum, Circus Elephants, and Animal Rights

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Bonnie Hein


Tilikum was a 22 feet long, more than 11,000 pound killer whale and possibly the most famous orca in the world. Earlier this month, he died of serious health issues at an estimated 36 years of age. He was captured near his birthplace of Iceland and performed in captivity for decades, becoming notorious for aggressive behavior, including the death of three people. Tilikum was profiled in the documentary Blackfish, which helped to influence popular opinion on killer whales in captivity and on SeaWorld in particular. 

Similarly, the "Greatest Show on Earth," another long-time attraction, has received increasingly negative public sentiment regarding captive wild animals forced to perform as entertainment…

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A Brief History of Beer Laws

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Shannon Furtak

It's American Craft Beer Week! With locally-owned breweries popping up in cities all over the country, the small-business beer industry is booming and rejuvenating formerly abandoned industrial areas in the process. Of course, beer is (usually) alcohol, and alcohol and the law have had a rather contentious relationship throughout American history. Check out this brief timeline of events, and click the available links to access the laws in HeinOnline:

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Subject Compilations of State Laws: May's Featured Library

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Shannon Furtak

Subject Compilations of State Laws by Cheryl Rae Nyberg has long been recognized as the most comprehensive source for identifying thousands of articles, books, government and loose-leaf publications, court opinions, and websites that compare state laws on hundreds of subjects. The first volume, which was compiled by Lynn Foster and Carol Boast, won the AALL Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award in 1982. The print version is typically updated annually, with the database updated more frequently throughout the year.

Since 2008, Subject Compilations of State Laws has been available in HeinOnline, as both a searchable database and a digital archive of all print editions; the database won the AALL Best New Product Award in 2009! William S…

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New Update to Subject Compilations of State Laws

Subject Compilations of State Laws
HeinOnline Blogger

Today HeinOnline released the March update to Cheryl Nyberg and Carol Boast’s Subject Compilations of State Laws.

With this update, 586 entries were added.  Subject Compilations is a comprehensive searchable database containing references to nearly 23,000 items that identify, compare, and/or describe the states’ laws on hundreds of topics.

New subjects added in this update include Bail Bond Agents, Benefit Corporations, and Health Care Exchanges.

If you are not a current subscriber to Subject Compilations of State Laws, but are interested in obtaining a subscription please click here to request a quote.

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More than 200 Entries Updated in the Subject Compilations of State Laws Database

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HeinOnline Blogger

Entries Updated to Reflect NCSL’s Major Website Revisions

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is a major producer of free 50-state law surveys. The Conference’s website underwent a major overhaul in the last several months, resulting in dozens of broken links in the Subject Compilations of State Laws database in HeinOnline.

As a result of the major overhaul, all of these links in the HeinOnline database have been reviewed and revised. Most of the NCSL website surveys are still available and the new links are working. A significant number of items are no longer found on the NCSL website but some version of many of the missing surveys are on the Internet Archive…

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