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Tag: author profile pages

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Tip of the Week: Similar Article Email Alerts

Do you follow an author in HeinOnline who writes on specific subjects? Or are you an author who researches in a certain area? With the use of machine learning and natural language processing tools, users can receive email alerts when articles are added to HeinOnline.

Trump and Pence

Trump Impeachment Hearing: The Testifying Scholars Revealed

After weeks of public testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, the House Judiciary’s impeachment hearings into President Trump have officially begun. Experts in constitutional law will publicly testify. Each of the experts can be found in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library.

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New Feature Alert! Improved Author Profiles in HeinOnline

Valuable feedback from both authors and librarians has helped HeinOnline refine its author profiles, allowing users to better understand the context of an author’s work while also helping authors better promote their publications. Learn about our latest additions, now live in beta form.

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ScholarCheck Update and General Overview

Thanks to a suggestion from a HeinOnline user, ScholarCheck statistics inside a document are no longer initially found in a pop-up box. Check out ScholarCheck’s new appearance above any journal’s table of contents


New Metric Added to Author Profile Pages

Professor Kerr sent us a direct message on Twitter with several points of feedback on HeinOnline’s Author Profile Pages. He offered the suggestion to add a new metric: average number of citations per article. Check out this new metric along with some icons that received a facelift.

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Do Not Pass Go: Will Amazon’s Monopoly Be Subject to Regulations?

This past month, Amazon reached $1 trillion in value, falling second to Apple. Should the changing economy be subject to new rules? Lina Khan thinks so, and she’s shaking up the system. Read this new post to learn how to research such topics in HeinOnline.

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Everything You Need to Know about Author Profile Pages

Author Profile Pages are an excellent way to showcase and promote an author’s scholarly work. This page automatically displays a list of an author’s articles and ScholarCheck statistics and can be enhanced. Let’s take a closer look at this HeinOnline feature and what’s new!