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Silhouette of father holding child

A Fathers’ Day Investigation of the Fathers’ Rights Movement

The transformation of certain definitions (e.g. wife, marriage, gender) and the recognition of women’s rights have dramatically changed family law over the years. Recently, one group has made it their mission to reform the practice further—fathers.

Motorcycles racing down a road

Ride to Live for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month (and Beyond)

We’re kicking off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month with an overview of motorcycle safety laws in the U.S. Take a quick detour to learn about motorcycle history, then ride on to ensure you have the proper helmet and eye protection to stay safe and legal throughout the upcoming summer months.

Landscape with clouds and desert

Climate Change, the Environment and the Law

Climate change has been more prevalent in the past few years as global temperatures have risen. This blog discusses the definition of climate change, the current U.S. government administration’s policies on and responses to this change, and how users can research this topic in HeinOnline.

Hands holding a gun

Deadly Shootings and Gun Laws

In the first seven weeks of 2018, there have been several school shootings in the United States. With the latest school shootings, and other mass shootings, there has been on ongoing debate circling gun laws. Let’s take a look at what has been happening and what laws are currently in place.

Tilikum the killer whale

Tilikum, Circus Elephants, and Animal Rights

After animal rights protests and protracted litigation, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus began phasing out Asian elephants from the show in 2015. On January 14, the circus’ producer announced that after 146 years, they would permanently end all performances this upcoming May.