NEW! Updated Search Syntax And Tips and Tricks from HeinOnline Gurus

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Last month, we tweaked our proximity searching thanks to feedback from a tweet! Users can now use w/# search syntax for proximity searching, which allows people to seamlessly change between interfaces. Today’s post is going to cover all the ins and outs of searching in HeinOnline, including new search syntax options that were recently implemented. By the time you finish this blog post, you’ll be an expert in searching!

New Search Syntax

We are excited to announce that new search syntax options are now available…

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HeinOnline Branding Update: Logos Return to Welcome Page!

Branding, Tips and Tricks
Lauren Mattiuzzo

Back by popular demand, institutional logos are now available on HeinOnline welcome pages for all branded accounts! If you haven’t taken advantage of this incredibly helpful feature, this blog explains how to set up account branding and the valuable features associated with it. On any given day you may have hundreds of users access your organization’s subscription to HeinOnline. However, many of them may not understand that this valuable resource is being made available with support and funding from your organization. Communicating this information to users is simple and effective with HeinOnline branding.

What Are the Advantages of Branding…

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Organize Your Research With HeinOnline and PowerNotes

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline is a powerful research database with an incredible variety of content and depth of coverage. PowerNotes is a helpful Chrome extension that not only saves what’s important, but also helps users focus their research and organize information. Using these two resources together is an excellent way to maximize research time and develop a well-planned outline for papers, blog posts, and even shopping excursions.

Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Add the PowerNotes Chrome extension

Download the PowerNotes extension here and sign up. Everyone gets one project free and many students have access to PowerNotes via university-wide subscriptions…

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Tilikum, Circus Elephants, and Animal Rights

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Bonnie Hein


Tilikum was a 22 feet long, more than 11,000 pound killer whale and possibly the most famous orca in the world. Earlier this month, he died of serious health issues at an estimated 36 years of age. He was captured near his birthplace of Iceland and performed in captivity for decades, becoming notorious for aggressive behavior, including the death of three people. Tilikum was profiled in the documentary Blackfish, which helped to influence popular opinion on killer whales in captivity and on SeaWorld in particular. 

Similarly, the "Greatest Show on Earth," another long-time attraction, has received increasingly negative public sentiment regarding captive wild animals forced to perform as entertainment…

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Research the Effects of Opioids on Society

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Bonnie Hein


A recent newspaper investigation revealed that drug wholesalers have shipped 780 million prescription painkillers to West Virginia over a six-year period. This amounted to more than 400 pills per person in West Virginia.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), six counties of West Virginia ranked in the top 10 in the nation for fatal pain pill overdoses. Between 2007 and 2012, more than 1,700 West Virginians died of hydrocodone or oxycodone overdoses, affecting generations of families and representing only a fragment of a growing national crisis.

More than 33,000 people in the United States were killed from opioid overdoses in 2015…

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Get More from Your HeinOnline Subscription!

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has a wealth of resources available to help you with searching and navigating in the database. From a help page to live, personalized training sessions, we have what you need to get started using HeinOnline and to advance your legal research skills to the next level!

Our help page is a great place to get answers to frequently asked questions, download or view training guides, and watch helpful videos about HeinOnline's interface and tools.

This page is fully searchable and incorporates our blog

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Easily Find a Hearing in the U.S. Congressional Documents Library

Exploring HeinOnline, HeinOnline, Tips and Tricks, U.S. Congressional Documents
Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline contains nearly 39,000 Congressional hearings, with hundreds more being added each month; the hearings subcollection is rapidly approaching 10 million pages! This extensive collection includes select hearings from the 50th Congress through the 114th Congress.

Search for a Hearing

A quick topical search is easy using the Advanced Search link beneath the main search bar. Simply type in your search terms and select "Congressional Hearings" in the Document Type box:

This will produce a list of hearings that contain your search terms, which can be refined using the facets on the left side of the screen or by modifying the search:

Congressional Hearing Quick Finder

If you need a specific hearing…

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New Video Available: Create an eTOC Alert

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Shannon Furtak

Would you like to be alerted as soon as new material for a title becomes available in HeinOnline? ElectronicTable of Contents (eTOC) Alerts are an easy way to manage your online collections, and they ensure that you will never miss a new issue of your selected titles. Alerts are sent to users as soon as content is uploaded to HeinOnline.

For a short video tutorial on how to set up eTOC alerts in HeinOnline, please see below or click this link!

Simply create a MyHein account and navigate to the desired title using the A-Z index from the top of a collection homepage:

You can also locate the title using the Catalog search option from the HeinOnline Welcome Page:

Click the title from either location…

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Searching in HeinOnline's U.S. Congressional Documents Collection

Searching, Tips and Tricks, U.S. Congressional Documents
Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline's U.S. Congressional Documents collection is a valuable resource which contains, among other titles, the full run of the Congressional Record official bound version, the Congressional Record Daily edition from 1980 to current, and a wealth of Congressional Hearings, CRS Reports, and Committee Prints. This post will cover searching using a specific citation, using the Daily to Bound Locator, finding a Congressional Hearing, and performing a general search in this collection.

Search Using a Specific Citation

Use the Citation Navigator tab to locate a document when you know the exact citation…

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New Video Available: Citations on a Page

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Shannon Furtak

Using HeinOnline's ScholarCheck tool is like having an assistant helping with your legal research!  In the past year, we've made several enhancements to ScholarCheck. Check out how we've integrated the features of ScholarCheck into case law powered by Fastcase here. We've also added the ability to view the number of times an article has been viewed by other HeinOnline users in a rolling 12-month period, which we discuss in detail here. Check out this post about how we've added the ScholarCheck "cited by articles" analysis to Index to Foreign Legal PeriodicalsUsers can now view the cumulative number of times an author's articles have been cited by other articles next to the author's name in search results…

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