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NEW Sports Law Titles in HeinOnline

The field of sports law is composed of legal issues surrounding both amateur and professional sports in the United States. While some aspects of this legal field overlap with labor law, contract law, and others, many law schools offer specific programs dedicated to sports law.

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Project Update: Session Laws Library Indexing

We are pleased to announce that all 50 states are now indexed to the chapter or act level from 2000 to current. Moving forward, we are adjusting our process. Keep reading to learn more.

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National Survey of State Laws: NEW Update Now Available

The Winter 2017 release includes several important updates, some of which come as the result of the November 2016 election. With this new release, there are two new chapters, one that has been slightly re-worked, and four that have been updated.

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Cataloging Legal Literature: New Update!

I managed to issue a “real” continuing resource this time, and not just a treatise in a binder that never got updated as with CLL3 in 1997. Kudos to co-author Melissa Beck and Hein’s Sheila Jarrett for keeping us on track! What happened during that big gap between CLL3 and CLL4?