Newly Redesigned Help and Support Page & Training Available

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Now featuring HeinOnline's newly redesigned Help and Support Pages.

HeinOnline has just launched a new Help Page.  This page is more user friendly than the previous page and integrates the HeinOnline blog so that you can see other help topics and subjects previously discussed in HeinOnline.

If you have a question about something you are researching in HeinOnline or if you do not know how to use a feature of HeinOnline, our Help Page has training guides, library specific support, our most frequently asked questions on a variety of topics and video demonstrations.

The new Help Page is fully searchable and your search results will include the aforementioned resources and blog posts that have discussed your topic.  The search box also includes an autofill feature.  Simply start typing your search terms into the search box and HeinOnline will suggest possible search topics for you…

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Quick Reference Search Help Box Now Available!

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Shannon Sabo

Thanks to a great suggestion from Gregory Ivy, Associate Director of the Underwood Law Library at Southern Methodist University, we have improved our Search Help links on both the HeinOnline Welcome Page and from inside any HeinOnline collection. From the Welcome Page, click the Search Help link directly under the search bar:

This will display a convenient pop-up menu of the proper search syntax to use in any search box in HeinOnline:

From inside the Law Journal Library (or any HeinOnline collection), simply click the Search tab, and choose Search Help:

The feedback we receive from our valued customers is welcomed and helps us continually improve HeinOnline…

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CRS Reports in HeinOnline

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Shannon Sabo

The Congressional Research Service is a division of the Library of Congress responsible for conducting research and analyses on a wide range of national policy issues, ultimately generating reports of their findings.  While there is not currently one comprehensive source for all Congressional Research Service Reports, HeinOnline has accumulated a  collection of over 880 reports.

CRS Reports are located in both the Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II and History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III libraries. From either library's homepage, you will find collections of these reports in the list of available titles:

Click here to view the taxation CRS Reports…

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Parallel Case Law Citations

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Miranda Rosati

Case Law is now available on HeinOnline powered by Fastcase and available to all HeinOnline Core Subscribers! Have you checked this out yet? If not and you are a core subscriber, you can do so now.

You may have noticed parallel citations showing as you view case law in HeinOnline. Since cases or judicial opinions can be published by more than one publisher, the case name may be followed by one or more parallel citations. The official reporter is provided by the publisher with which the court has contracted to publish the reports; any other citation is called unofficial. It is acceptable to cite either the official or unofficial versions as the text of the opinions will be the same…

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Enhancements to HeinOnline Welcome Page

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Miranda Rosati

Welcome Page Revamped to Make Searching More User-Friendly!

We have created a new HeinOnline Welcome page ( This new page functions exactly the same as it did previously but is now laid out in a more user-friendly display and gives you a new option for searching. From the top of the page, you now see tabs indicating the different options available for searching and navigating HeinOnline, which include: Full Text Search, Catalog Search, Citation Navigator, Fastcase, and MyHein. Use the options in the following ways:

  • Full Text Search – Previously labeled as Search All Subscribed Collections, this box allows you to search the full text, title, or author across all your subscribed libraries…

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Case Law Powered by Fastcase Now Available to All Core Subscribers

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Jackie Stanley

Federal and state case law powered by Fastcase is now integrated into all HeinOnline Core subscriptions at no additional cost!












Case Law Linking from Publications in HeinOnline

Like Hein’s ScholarCheck feature, when viewing a document in HeinOnline, the references will now link to the cases in addition to other types of documents cited in HeinOnline. When an article cites a case, the case citation will be highlighted in blue. The blue highlighted case citations link to the case in either HeinOnline or Fastcase…

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Spanish Language Interface Now Available

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Miranda Rosati

¡Ahora se habla español!

We are pleased to announce a new feature! You will now have the option to change the language of the HeinOnline interface to Spanish. When you are logged in to HeinOnline, you will see "Language" as an option in the upper right-hand corner; use this link to switch the interface language to Spanish.


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100 Million Pages Now Available

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Miranda Rosati


That would fill more than 5,066 shelves in your library!

100,000,000 is a huge milestone for HeinOnline. When HeinOnline was released in May of 2000, it contained one library module, the Law Journal Library, which included 25 law and law related periodicals. Today HeinOnline includes 52 library modules, 64,000 titles, 48,000 books, 2,600 serials and 164,514 volumes. Take a journey through our history by viewing the HeinOnline timeline.

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New Digital Signs Available in HeinOnline's Librarian's Corner

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Miranda Rosati

From a customer suggestion, we recently added four new digital signs to HeinOnline's Librarian's Corner for you to download to promote HeinOnline in your organization. The new signs highlight the following HeinOnline collections: Revised Statutes of Canada, Canada Supreme Court Reports, English Reports and World Constitutions Illustrated. We also have about a dozen other digital signs available to download in the Librarian's Corner, so feel free to head on over and check them out! If you have any suggestions for a digital sign you'd like to see, let us know at



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New Options Available in the U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions and Appeals Collection

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Shannon Sabo

In our U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions and Appeals collection, you now have the ability to narrow search results by the specific federal agency responsible for publishing the document. For example, if you run a search for "homeland security" and want only documents published by the Department of Homeland Security, you can run your search as follows in the Search tab, Advanced Search function:

This will give you 2,262 results* for sections containing the term "homeland security". You can choose your agency in the Agency search facet at the left of the page:

Selecting the agency will narrow the results to a more manageable 65 matches…

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