New Content: HeinOnline has Added the Tax Foundation Archive Publications!

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Shannon Furtak

The complete archive of the publications of the Tax Foundation are now available in an easy-to-use, fully searchable format in HeinOnline. The Tax Foundation, founded in 1937, collects data and publishes research studies on tax policies at both the federal and state levels.

Many of the titles that are now readily available and easily accessible in HeinOnline have long been out-of-print, and others are still being published today. For researchers interested in taxation, fiscal policy, and finance, the Foundation's archive will prove to be an extremely valuable research collection!

This collection, which is now included with a subscription to Taxation and Economic Reform in America Parts I & II

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New Feature: View the Cumulative Number of Times an Author’s Articles Have been Cited!

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Shannon Furtak

This new enhancement is the result of customer feedback!

When viewing search results, users will now be able to see how many times an author’s articles have been cited by other articles. For example, a search for “risk perception” AND “availability heuristic” reveals 182 results. Users will see the cumulative number of times the article’s author has been cited by other law review articles in HeinOnline; that number will be found in parentheses next to the author’s name:

In addition to viewing the number of times an author has been cited, researchers can also sort search results by Most Cited Author:

You will see the article written by the author who has been cited the most appear first:

As always…

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New Feature! Set up IFLP Subject Alerts

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Shannon Furtak

In addition to the enhancements we blogged about last week, we have implemented the ability to set up subject alerts in Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals.

MyHein account users are now able to save a search query for an IFLP subject; this will enable the user to receive e-mail alerts when new material for that subject is added to Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. Simply click on Subjects from the IFLP homepage:

Next, click on the subject for which you would like alerts:

A list of articles indexed in IFLP will appear…

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September HeinOnline Enhancements: We’ve Been Busy!

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Shannon Furtak

September is a month for new enhancements in HeinOnline, many of which were suggested by our customers! We take our customers’ feedback very seriously and appreciate all suggestions that we receive. Click the Feedback Button from the top right side of any screen in HeinOnline to tell us what you’d like to see happen in HeinOnline!

This month, we are pleased to announce that these new features are now available:

1. Print/Download Multiple Page Ranges At the Same Time

Thanks to a great suggestion we received from a customer at AALL this year, we have implemented the ability to download more than one page range at a time from the print/download area in HeinOnline…

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MyHein Features Now Available with Case Law Powered by Fastcase!

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Shannon Furtak

In our continuing effort to enhance your HeinOnline research experience, we have made the features of MyHein available for use with case law powered by Fastcase! Users who set up and login to MyHein individual research accounts can bookmark cases by clicking Save to MyHein from the case:

Next, select an existing bookmark category, or enter a new bookmark:

Click here to view saved bookmarks:

Your bookmark will appear in your MyHein account's saved bookmarks list:

For users enjoying the additional features of Fastcase Premium or synchronized HeinOnline and Fastcase accounts…

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ScholarCheck Analysis added to Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

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Shannon Furtak

We have combined one of HeinOnline's best tools with the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, further enhancing this incredible resource! ScholarCheck's "cited by articles" feature, which counts citations appearing in articles in the Law Journal Library, is now available in the IFLP database.

This database is derived from the print version of the preeminent multilingual index to articles and book reviews appearing in more than 500 legal journals published worldwide. IFLP provides in-depth coverage of public and private international law, comparative and foreign law, and the law of all jurisdictions; it also analyzes the contents of about eighty individually published collections of legal essays…

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HeinOnline Title Lists Converting Exclusively to KBART Format

Enhancements, Technical Support, What's New
Shannon Furtak

In the very near future, we will be eliminating the option to download lists of titles in HeinOnline as a CSV file type. Instead, we will exclusively use KBART as the delivery method for this information. We have recently enhanced our KBART files to conform with the latest (Phase II) Recommended Practice Report; also, these KBART files contain the same title metadata that was available using the CSV file type.

Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART)  was created by The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) in 2010 to improve the supply of data to link resolvers and knowledge bases, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of OpenURL linking. KBART focuses specifically on data related to content holdings rather than on bibliographic data about individual titles…

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Score Great Results with the HeinOnline Hat Trick and ScholarRank!

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Shannon Furtak

One of our main goals at HeinOnline is not only to provide an incredible collection of historical and current documents, but also to offer legal scholars an innovative and thorough research experience. Several enhancements that we've made over the past few months join together to create the HeinOnline Hat Trick. We have also developed a ranking system for articles that are frequently accessed and heavily cited by both articles and cases, and we are calling this system ScholarRank. These new features are part of HeinOnline's ScholarCheck, a set of tools which compiles the most-cited journals and authors, displays the number of articles and cases that cite the current article…

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ScholarCheck Now Features Cited by Cases Tool with Fastcase Premium!

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Shannon Furtak

Last week, we introduced you to the newest feature of Hein's ScholarCheck tool: the ability to view how many times an article has been accessed by other HeinOnline users in a rolling twelve-month period.

We also recently announced that the HeinOnline/Fastcase partnership has been enhanced: existing Fastcase subscribers can now synchronize their Fastcase and HeinOnline accounts at no extra cost, and customers who do not currently subscribe to Fastcase can upgrade their subscriptions to take advantage of the additional features of Fastcase Premium. To learn more about case law in HeinOnline powered by Fastcase, view the Quick Reference Guide here.

Additional features of Fastcase Premium include the ability to use ScholarCheck to view how many cases cite a particular article in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library and the option to sort search results by Number of Times Cited by Cases:

Here is a list of the 25 articles in HeinOnline cited by the most cases (Title…

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Hein's ScholarCheck has been Enhanced!

Enhancements, Law Journal Library, ScholarCheck, What's New
Shannon Furtak

In our never-ending quest to improve your legal research experience, we have added a new feature to Hein's ScholarCheck! In addition to viewing the number of times an article has been cited, users can now view the number of times an article has been accessed within a rolling twelve-month period.

We have also added the option to sort search results by Number of Times Accessed. A search in the Law Journal Library for all articles contained in HeinOnline reveal these three articles as the most-accessed in the past twelve months:

R.H. Coase's article, The Problem of Social Cost, discusses the actions of businesses which have harmful effects on others…

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